Why Does the Dungeon Hate the Gods in DanMachi?

Why Does the Dungeon Hate the Gods in Danmachi?

Why Does the Dungeon Hate the Gods in Danmachi?

The dungeon is an essential part of DanMachi. However, it appears that only humans can enter the dungeon, and it immediately seals the exit once it detects gods. But why does the dungeon hate gods? Continue reading to find out!

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What Is the Dungeon in DanMachi?

The dungeon is under Babel. It is located in Orario and is known to be the only one in the world. Adventurers of different races would travel just to explore the dungeon to gather loot, improve their status, and fight monsters.

But what makes this particular dungeon interesting is that it is alive. It can spawn monsters and repair itself whenever necessary.

It has floors that become larger the deeper the adventurer goes. In fact, a party can reach the 50th floor after five days. The level of difficulty also increases on each floor.

What is the Dungeon in DanMachi?
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Once a party gets to the middle floor, they must know that they are at risk of death, and adventurers must prepare themselves for more dangerous monsters.

Only the strong survive the dungeon. This is why it is essential for an adventurer to have a higher status before getting into the deeper floors of the dungeon.

Of course, there are also safety points or floors where monsters do not spawn. This is where adventurers can rest.

Xenos even takes advantage of these floors and uses them as Hidden Villages.

Why Does the Dungeon Hate the Gods?

Why Does the Dungeon Hate the Gods?
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Aside from the vast and dangerous floors, the dungeon seems to have a hatred of the gods. Once it detects one, it seals the exit of the room and spawns a black monster to eliminate the god.

A black monster is stronger and more powerful compared to normal monsters. They are also known to be smarter, making it hard to defeat them.

While it was not thoroughly explained why, Astraea mentioned before that the dungeon made a promise with Promised Time, prohibiting gods from using arcanum in the lower world.

The promise also allows the dungeon to absorb fatally wounded gods instead of releasing them back to Heaven.

We do not know the extent of the promise made, but it could include the condition that gods must not enter the dungeon.

Dungeon Hate the Gods
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Some fans also believe that there is an unwritten law that gods must help humans develop powers, and the only way to test themselves is through the dungeon.

If someone as powerful as a god can enter it, then humans will not be motivated to work hard and boost their stats.

They would just work with a god to complete the different challenges. The dungeon might be exclusive for humans in order to train them and test their abilities.

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