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DanMachi’s Levels and Highest Level Explained

DanMachi’s Levels Explained

DanMachi is a pure fantasy anime, which feels rare these days given the amount of isekai anime that appear every season. However, the levels system in DanMachi could easily be found in isekai titles.

Levels are a crucial part of an adventurer’s development, and a change in one level can make all the difference. So, with DanMachi Season 4 currently on air, here’s a spoiler-free refresh on how levels work.

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What are Levels in DanMachi? Explained

What Are DanMachi’s Levels Explained
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Levels is a skill system in DanMachi that determines the overall combat abilities of an adventurer.

DanMachi uses a magic-style abilities system similar to what you would see in videogames and isekai anime. Through continued work and experience, adventurers can level up, unlocking a range of new physical, technical and magic attributes.

However, moving up a level is a huge task. The majority of mob adventurers will never move above level one in their lifetime and even for most characters, levelling up took them years.

For those that can level up, it makes all the difference. The new abilities that it unlocks are so significant that adventurers often need a ‘bedding-in’ period to get used to their new potential.

Someone at the peak of their powers will usually lose against someone who is just one level higher, even if they are inexperienced. The caveat here is that levels only account for individual abilities; they don’t account for external support through magic items or the combatant’s health.

Unlike some fantasy or isekai anime, all of this information is common knowledge among adventurers in Orario, which is why you’ll often hear people openly talking about others' levels.

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The Difference Between Levels and Rankings in DanMachi

DanMachi’s Levels and Rankings Explained
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To make things slightly more confusing, alongside levels, DanMachi has a separate ability ranking system.

Unlike levels, which are an overall mark, rankings are used to measure various abilities, such as strength, endurance and magic.

While levels are numbered in single digits (level 1, 2, 3 etc.), ranking scores are usually two or three digits and are qualified with a letter. S-Rank abilities are supposed to be the strongest and include scores from 900 to 999. Then comes A, B, and C all the way down to I.

As an example, Ais Wallenstein currently has an endurance ranking of H153.

The higher someone’s ranking, the more adept they are at that particular skill. However, when someone levels up, they keep their previous abilities while the ranking is reset to allow for further growth.

As a result, regardless of someone’s ranking score, they still won’t compare to someone ranked a level above them.

What is the Highest Level in DanMachi?

DanMachi’s Maximum Levels Explained
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It’s not confirmed what the highest level might be, as this will likely play a key part at the end of DanMachi. However, it’s widely assumed the highest level, if there is one, will be around level 10.

So far, the highest level anybody is believed to have reached is level 9 – the captain of the historic Hera Familia. However, that still wasn’t strong enough at the time (avoiding spoilers here).

With each level, the adventurer’s abilities dramatically increase. The strongest characters in DanMachi right now are in a position where they are almost untouchable, and too many more levels would result in normal people gaining god-like strength.

It is believed that the final mission in DanMachi will require an adventurer around the level 10 mark.

However, Bell – if he is to be the story’s hero – has already shown the ability to surpass limits when it comes to his abilities. There is every chance that he might break the level 10 threshold by the time his journey comes to an end.

What Level is Bell in DanMachi?

DanMachi Bell's Level Explained
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As of the latest instalments in the story, Bell Cranel is a Level 4 adventurer.

While levels are pretty much defining for most adventurers, with Bell, they can be taken with a pinch of plot. He has a unique ability to not only level up incredibly fast but also develop strength surpassing his level.

If there’s anyone in the world of DanMachi that’s able to fight against someone a level higher, it’s Bell Cranel.

What Level is Ais in DanMachi?

DanMachi Ais' Level Explained
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Ais Wallenstein, Bell Cranel’s target in more ways than one, is currently a level 6 adventurer.

For most gods and adventurers in Orario, Ais is seen as the shining talent and next-in-line to be the strongest adventurer. She’s nicknamed the Sword Princess and is nearly unstoppable when in full combat mode.

Due to their differences in levels, Bell shouldn’t stand a chance in combat against Ais. However, while Bell is known to fight above his level, Ais is known to have a weakness when fighting other humans. These traits make combat between the two stars of DanMachi much more interesting than expected.

And yet, both Ais and Bell have so much further to go! It will be interesting to see how these two stack by the time the story comes to an end.

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