Can You Kill the Gods in DanMachi? Powers and Abilities Explained

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Can You Kill the Gods in DanMachi? Powers and Abilities Explained

The world of DanMachi, or Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, is ruled by the gods. They wield incredible power over people and walk among humans with untouchable confidence. However, if that confidence was tested, could you possibly kill a god in DanMachi?

In case you need a refresh, DanMachi’s gods are the leaders of the various Familias that operate through Orario and beyond. Our Familias and gods explained article provides a more in-depth rundown.

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Do the Gods Have Powers in DanMachi?

Can You Kill the Gods in DanMachi Powers
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Some gods in DanMachi have some basic magic or supernatural abilities, but most of them are relatively powerless.

As part of the agreement allowing them to join humans on Earth, the gods had to promise not to use any active (or activatable) abilities.

It’s often said that the gods ‘gave up’ their abilities to join the world, but many of the gods still have the potential to activate their abilities. However, if any god activates their abilities it’s expected that they will be banished and sent back to heaven.

These rules don’t apply to so-called passive abilities that are tied to the gods. Each god carries their natural aura which can be sensed, while Freya, the goddess of beauty, has a natural charm ability that is always present.

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Can the Gods Fight in DanMachi?

Can You Kill the Gods in DanMachi Fight
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Technically, the gods in DanMachi are allowed to fight. However, they don’t have any particular abilities or strengths, so most avoid getting involved.

As mentioned above, gods give up most of their abilities when joining Earth. Other than largely passive abilities and experience from observing for many years, they have the same strength and capability as the average human.

Gods are not adventurers, so can’t benefit from DanMachi’s levelling system. As a result, most capable adventurers would likely beat the average god in one-on-one combat.

Thankfully for the gods, such a situation seldom happens. A god is usually flanked by a capable Familia. During major conflicts, most gods hand all field responsibilities to the Familia’s captain and observe from a safe place.

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Can You Kill the Gods in DanMachi?

Can You Kill DanMachi Gods
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Yes, the gods in DanMachi can be killed. In fact, it happens regularly throughout the story.

As mentioned above, gods as individuals aren’t particularly strong. While they don’t age, they do die if fatally wounded.

The tough part is getting into a situation where you can kill a god. Usually, they are surrounded by their Familia’s guards who swear loyalty to their leader.

An important thing to mention, though, is taboo. It’s generally considered terrible for a human to kill a god, and it’s believed that anyone who does kill a god will be punished after death.

Remember, people who die go to heaven, and guess who will be waiting for them, with their powers returned and a grudge to fulfil?

As a result, most god killings are done on orders from another god, or by another god’s own hands.

What Happens When Gods Die in DanMachi?

Can You Kill the Gods in DanMachi What Happens
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When a god dies in DanMachi, they are transported back to heaven and banned from ever returning to Earth.

While the god won’t necessarily ‘die’, they return to their previous, supposedly boring life in heaven, watching everything from afar.

It’s worth noting, though, that this is only a rule designed to ensure the gods don’t abuse their time on Earth. Technically, it’s still possible for any killed god to return from Heaven, albeit only with the agreement of those in charge (Uranus and the Guild).

As they say, rules are meant to be broken. Perhaps we’ll see more deaths and resurrections closer to the end of DanMachi?

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