Why Does Suzaku Join Lelouch in Code Geass?

Why Does Suzaku Join Lelouch in Code Geass Explained
Credit: Surnise

Why Does Suzaku Join Lelouch in Code Geass Explained
Credit: Surnise

One of the elements that makes fans want to watch Code Geass over and over again is the amazing characterization. The mecha anime is a bit over the top at times, but the characters are pretty consistent, complex, and well-rounded. It isn't just that each character displays their own goals, agenda, and set of beliefs; these often clash with the goals of other characters, even ones close to them, with Lelouch being the prime example. Why did Suzaku join Lelouch, for instance? Here's a detailed explanation:

About Suzaku and Lelouch's Relationship

Why Does Suzaku Join Lelouch in Code Geass
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Suzaku is Lelouch's first friend, and when the two reunite as teenagers, it is apparent that they still feel close, even without having been in contact for years. But as the two grow as characters and make different choices, it becomes increasingly hard for them to maintain this friendship.

From the moment he receives the Geass, Lelouch decides to do anything in his power to destroy Brittania, personifying an "end justifies the means" mentality. Suzaku, on the other hand, remains a pacifist. Even though his country has suffered under the Brittanian rule, he's determined to change the empire from the inside, and he can't forgive Lelouch's most violent actions.

When Lelouch's actions result in the death of Euphemia, Lelouch's half-sister and Suzaku's love interest, the two clearly become enemies.

Even then, however, Suzaku and Lelouch have complicated feelings for each other, rather than pure hatred. Lelouch is reluctant to use his Geass on Suzaku, and when he does, he orders him to keep living, instead of giving a command that would personally benefit him. This order, however, becomes a further source of resentment for Suzaku, who loathes some of the things he thereafter does to survive. So, how does he end up joining Lelouch?

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Why Does Suzaku Join Lelouch?

Towards the end of Code Geass, Lelouch and Suzaku join forces for a final act, known as "Zero Requiem." The reasons why Suzaku decides to join Lelouch are complicated and fans can't agree on his exact motivation, though it most likely comes down to a combination of Suzaku's wish for a better world, and the esteem he still had for his old friend, despite all he had done.

After Lelouch confronts his parents in an alternate world, Suzaku likely understands that some of the previous tragic events had been orchestrated by Charles and that Lelouch had no direct control. Moreover, Suzaku, who dislikes unnecessary violence has, by the end, likely reached a point whereby he was ready to forgive Lelouch.

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Some fans argue that Suzaku only agreed to participate in Zero Requiem because it would result in the death of Lelouch, giving Suzaku the opportunity to avenge Euphemia. However, given Euphemia's mild and kind nature, it is unlikely that she would have wanted such revenge.

If anything, Suzaku's tears when he kills Lelouch suggest that he took no joy in the act, or that he at least had mixed feelings.

Lelouch and Suzaku's collaboration, in the end, is an act that shows both their characters' growth. In joining forces, each took a step toward the other's perspective.

Lelouch, who approved some acts of violence and terror as necessary chose to bring peace through a final act that meant he wouldn't be around to see the new world he created. Suzaku, on the other hand, agreed to kill his friend, something he would be unlikely to accept earlier on, understanding that it was the least destructive way to achieve peace.

Ultimately, despite all their resentment, the two are friends, who might have achieved anything together under different circumstances.

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