Who Does Suzaku End Up With in Code Geass?

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Who Does Suzaku End Up With in Code Geass
Credit: Sunrise

Lelouch is arguably one of the most beloved anime characters of all time, but even the best characters need others to interact with, and it really helps that Code Geass has a complex, interesting cast, with clear, and often conflicting desires and motivations. As such, there's a large number of relationships, canon or not, that fans ship, and some of those involve Suzaku, the deuteragonist, Lelouch's friend and enemy - both at once. But who does Suzaku end up with in Code Geass?

Who Is Suzaku in Code Geass?

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Credit: Sunrise

Suzaku Kururugi is a Japanese boy who quickly becomes Lelouch's friend when he and Nunally end up in Japan, but they are separated when Japan is conquered by Brittania and renamed Area 11. Suzaku then goes on to join the Brittania military, eventually becoming an honorary Brittania, something that many Japanese people would consider to be an act of betrayal.

On a surface level, Lelouch and Suzaku are happy to reunite at the age of seventeen, but, as Lelouch assumes the identity of Zero and moves on with his plan to crush Britannia, there's an inevitable conflict between them. Suzaku chooses to be a Britannian soldier in hope of changing the empire from the inside. As a Brittanian prince who has been "inside", Lelouch thinks Suzaku's path is hopeless.

The relationship between the two becomes even more complicated when Suzaku crosses paths with Princess Euphemia, Lelouch's half-sister.

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Do Suzaku and Euphemia End Up Together?

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Credit: Sunrise

Suzaku and Euphemia develop reciprocal romantic feelings for each other, which are cut short by the latter's death.

The two were perfectly suited for each other; like Suzaku, Euphemia sought to change the world in as pacifistic a way as possible. Seeing that Suzaku embodied her ideals, she decided to make him her personal knight despite the protests of her eldest sister, Cornelia, who hated Japanese people.

When Lelouch loses control of the Geass and accidentally causes the death of his sister, Suzaku's rage and hatred are directed towards Lelouch and they only reconcile to perform Zero's Requiem together at the ending of Code Geass.


By the end of the mecha anime, Suzaku has assumed the identity of Zero, sacrificing his own happiness and individuality for the sake of others. As such, he doesn't end up with anyone, at least not during the events of the anime. Of course, fans are allowed to imagine Suzaku's future after Zero's Requiem!

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