What is C.C.'s Real Name in Code Geass?

C.C.'s Real Name in Code Geass

C.C.'s Real Name in Code Geass

C.C., the code-named green-haired girl who saves Lelouch in episode 1 of Code Geass and becomes his constant companion throughout the mecha anime, is one of the show's greatest enigmas. Not only does it take a while for elements of her backstory to be revealed, but her name is also a mystery. So, what is C.C.'s real name in Code Geass?

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About Code Geass

What is C.C.'s real name in Code Geass
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Even if you have never watched Code Geass, you've likely heard the premise. The mecha anime unfolds in an alternate timeline, whereby the "Holy Britannian Empire" has colonized a large part of the world through autonomous mecha known as "Knightmares". Among the colonized countries is Japan, which Britannia has renamed "Area 11."

The main character, Lelouch, is a Britannian prince, now exiled to a Britannian boarding school in Japan along with his sister, Nunally, following the death of their mother. A popular and clever, but withdrawn high-school student who wants to destroy Britannia but has no means to do so, and thus lives a largely purposeless life, fuelled by his desire to create a better world for Nunnally.

When he's caught up in a terrorist attack, Lelouch attempts to rescue C.C., a girl with mysterious powers. Within the same episodes, C.C. returns the favor by giving him a Geass. This power allows Lelouch to command anyone to do anything he asks. Even though the power is limited to once per person, Lelouch doesn't let that deter him. As a true mastermind, he is determined to use this newfound power to crash Britannia and create a better world.

What Is C.C.'s Real Name Explained

What is C.C.'s real name in Code Geass 1
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Fittingly for a show titled Code Geass C.C.'s name is a code name, pronounced as C2. What does C.C. stand for, though? Fans speculate that "C," could be her initial, given that V.V., another character with a powerful Geass, is revealed by supplementary material to be named "Victor Zi Britannia. In that case, the second C could be arbitrary.

C.C.'s real name is never revealed in Code Geass. At one point in the show, C.C. involuntarily reveals her true name to Lelouch, but the anime itself keeps her secret by muting the sound. Some fans on Quora have attempted a lip reading and concluded that her name could be "Cecilia Corabelle" or "Cecaniah Corabelle" which would both be possible if we assume "C" to indeed be an initial.

In Code Geass, names are important. The show features the struggle of the Japanese people to recover their land - and its very name, while Lelouch starts off pretending to be someone else and only reclaims his real name, Lelouch Vi Britannia, once the geass makes him feel powerful enough to do so. The show's refusal to reveal C.C.'s name, therefore, seems like a conscious choice that illustrates her as a suspended character, set apart from the rest. Code Geass Season 3 is not exactly likely, but there are several spin-off movies and a new one could even reveal the answer!

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