Is Code Geass Based on a Manga, and Is it Finished or Ongoing?

Is Code Geass Based on a Manga
Credit: Sunrise

Is Code Geass Based on a Manga
Credit: Sunrise

Few anime shows have known the popularity of Code Geass. Thankfully, the anime is quite long and there are several spin-off movies. But for those seeking even more content, is there a Code Geass manga, and is it complete or ongoing?

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About Code Geass

Whether or not you have watched Code Geass, the premise of the mecha anime is quite well-known at this point.

Lelouch, the main character, is an exiled prince of the futuristic Brittanian Empire, which has conquered many known nations, including Japan, where he now lives with his sister as an elite student.

Secretly, Lelouch despises Britannia and wants to destroy it, as the empire is responsible for the death of his mother. His dream is to create a better world where his younger sister can be safe and happy, but he does not work towards this dream as he feels powerless.

This changes when he receives the Geass, a mysterious and dangerous power that will allow Lelouch to change the world - if he doesn't destroy it first.

Is Code Geass Based on a Manga?

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Credit: Sunrise

Code Geass is an original anime with no manga to precede it. Given the anime's immense popularity though, several manga adaptations came out afterwards.

As our Code Geass Watch Guide demonstrates, alternate universes are something Code Geass excels at. It's no surprise, then, that each of the four mangas inspired by the original anime has its own alternative timeline.

The first manga, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, is mostly faithful to the original anime, while the second, Code Geass: Suzaku of the Counterattack focuses on Suzaku, who is simultaneously Lelouch's best friend and worst enemy.

The third, Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally, focuses on Lelouch's sister but changes major events, while the fourth, Code Geass: Tales of an Alternate Shogunate is an alternative universe and unfolds in the 19th century.

Other Code Geass manga titles you might encounter include Code Geass: Renya of Darkness and Code Geass: Oz the Reflection.

Are the Code Geass Manga Finished? Ending Explained

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Credit: Sunrise

The Code Geass mangas are complete, though we can't exclude the possibility of more coming out at some point.

If you love the ending of Code Geass and are adamant that only the main anime is worth watching, you are most likely to enjoy the first manga, and forget about the rest.

The main anime story is arguably the strongest, with gripping characters and a well-thought-of plot with high stakes and difficult sacrifices.

But Code Geass is also a flexible set of works that like playing with their own canon, and, given that the alternate stories are not one or two, but many, some might be worth keeping an open mind about.

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