Who Prince Harry Looks Like?

Credit: Apple TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Apple TV/YouTube Screenshot

It has been said repeatedly that Prince Harry inherited his looks from his mother, Princess Diana’s side of the family due to his red hair. But compared to the facial features of his late grandfather, Prince Philip, and dad, King Charles III, his uncanny similarities with his seniors are evidently uncanny.

Red hair has been the trait of the Spencers, like that of Princess Diana’s older sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale. But when photos of young Prince Philip and King Charles with beards came to light, it proved Prince Harry’s looks came from them.

Prince Harry’s Uncanny Similarities with Prince Philip

When the news about the Duke of Edinburgh’s passing broke in April 2021, photos of the young husband of the late Queen Elizabeth started circulating online.

There, the similarities between the two princes’ images were seen, from their piercing clear eyes to their strong bows to their slender noses and thin lips—the Duke of Sussex is a real carbon copy of his granddad.

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Meghan Markle’s husband started showing his likeness to Prince Philip when he was still young. They even shared the same mannerisms and expressions.

He even followed in his footsteps when he served in the armed forces for a decade and was deployed to Afghanistan a couple of times.

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In addition, they had the same sense of humor, with Prince Harry being famous for his cheeky personality. Prince Philp, alternatively, was known for his sharp one-liners, with Queen Elizabeth receiving advice from her courtiers not to marry him because he was too funny.

Prince Harry’s Resemblance with King Charles

The public used to see King Charles with a clean-shaven face, but he also sported a beard at one point and looked every inch like Prince Harry. His unearthed photo from 1976 proved that the former senior royals had the spitting image of his father.

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The photo in question was taken at the Badminton Horse Trials in April and May 1976. At the time, the then-young prince had full-blown facial hair, and it seemed to be the only time he was seen with a beard in public.

Though it seemed strange to see King Charles with facial hair, it just showed that he really looked like Prince Harry.

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