Who is Attack on Titan's Nanaba?

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Attack on Titan took viewers to a civilization inside three walls. These walls are the last location where the remaining humans live. Humanity is on the brink of extinction because of humanoid giants called Titans. These creatures attack and eat every human they see.

In order to survive, the remaining humans hid behind these concentric walls for centuries. Their lives changed when two new types of Titans suddenly emerged and attacked the town of Shiganshina, which was the outermost wall. The series then focused on Eren Yeager, who once lived in Shiganshina, and the other Survey Corps members.

Who is Attack on Titan's Nanaba?

Who is Attack on Titan's Nanaba?
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Who is Attack on Titan's Nanaba?

Just like Eren, Nanaba is a Survey Corps member. She is not part of Captain Levi’s squad but is under Squad Mike. To those who cannot remember her, Nanaba has short light hair. It is styled in an undercut with bangs. Most viewers might have mistaken her for a man because of her hairstyle. She might be petite but she is actually fit, given how she can handle her maneuver gear well. She was considered an elite soldier with skills “superb as always” as Gelgar would say.

What makes Nanaba interesting is that she is a calm soldier. She is usually quiet and will only speak when she was spoken to. She was always determined to do her job, and she vowed to risk her life when necessary. Unfortunately, this was the case during the Clash of Titans arc. During the Stohess District Raid, Mike and his squad were tasked to check who is the Titan spy among the 104th Training Corps.

While doing their mission, Mike realized that the Titan were coming from the southern side of Wall Rose so there must be a breach. They were welcomed by a group of Titans so they had to split into four teams. Nanaba’s team was in charge of searching for the breach. When night fell, Nanaba’s team and Gelgar’s squad met and decided to rest in the Utgard Castle.


The castle was then under attack by a group of Titans. Since they have limited gas and blades, Nanaba and Gelgar decided to fight the Titans on their own, killing them in the end.

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