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What Happens to Captain Levi in Attack on Titan Explained

One of the most-loved characters of Attack on Titan is Captain Levi. Now that the manga has officially ended, those who have not read the last chapter or those who are planning to wait for the anime are curious what happened to the squad captain. It has been said that Attack on Titan Season 4 part 2 will be released in winter 2022.

Some Levi fans cannot wait for that long to know what happened to their favorite character, so we shared what happens to Captain Levi in Chapter 139 of Attack on Titan. Just remember that this article will contain spoilers, so please read at your own risk.

What Happens to Captain Levi in Attack on Titan Explained

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With how Attack on Titan Season 4 ended, fans have been wondering what happened to Levi in his fight against Zeke, the Beast Titan. The good news is that the squad captain survived the battle (as he should) and eventually joined the Marleyan/Eldian alliance.


The Battle for Heaven and Earth was a bloody one that once again, manga fans might have thought would be Levi's final battle. Isayama proved everyone wrong and let the captain survive again.

Levi was also the one who assisted Mikasa by providing her an opening to kill the main protagonist. After Eren's death, the Titan curse was lifted and ghosts appeared in front of the remaining characters, including Erwin and Hange. These soldiers salute, a sign that Levi can finally rest in peace knowing that none of his friends died in vain.

The manga fast forwards to three years later and it was shown that Levi did get physical damage because of the war. Despite that, Levi, Gabi, Falco, and Onyankopon will be part of the peace talks by sharing their stories with the new Eldian nation. He and the others will keep sharing their stories to honor those who sacrificed and help the Islanders achieve the peace they longed to have.

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