Who Does Kitty End Up With In XO, Kitty Explained

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for XO, Kitty Season 1. Read at your own risk!

You might be wondering, surely, Kitty ends up with Dae, right? After all, Dae was the reason why Kitty flew all the way to Korea just so she could be with him in KISS School.

Well, the Netflix show is a lot more complicated than you think.

Pretty much like its original franchise, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, XO, Kitty tackles more than one love interest for our protagonist Kitty (played by Anna Cathcart).

Let’s break it down here!

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Who Does Kitty End Up With In XO, Kitty Season 1 Finale?

Dae catches up to Kitty at the airport in XO, Kitty Season 1 finale
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Credit: Netflix

To recap, Kitty flew all the way from Portland to go to KISS (Korean Independent School of Seoul) to be with her long-distance boyfriend, Dae (played by Choi Min-Young).

Upon getting there, Kitty was distraught when she found out Dae cheated on her with Yuri (played by Gia Kim).

However, what Kitty doesn’t know is that Yuri has just been using Dae to cover the fact that she’s actually a Lesbian secretly dating her friend Juliana (Regan Aliyah).

Of course, in return, Dae gets his tuition fee paid under Yuri’s allowance just so Dae could keep pretending to date her to save the reputation of Yuri’s father’s workplace scandal.

Eventually, though, once Yuri figured she could stop pretending to date Dae, she broke up with him for the paparazzi to see, leading Dae to finally go back to Kitty.

But that’s not where it ends, though.

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Kitty, while giddy she can finally be together and spend more time with Dae, found out in Episode 7 that she found Yuri attractive.

While this plays into the fact that Yuri took care of her while she was under the influence of alcohol in Episode 6, Kitty also had a sex dream of nearly kissing Yuri.

This unraveled so many questions for Kitty, seeing as she had never considered she would have trouble figuring out her sexuality.

Yes, Kitty and Dae might have continued dating despite Kitty finding out she has feelings for Yuri, but she eventually fessed up to Dae and told him about her feelings.

Not to mention, her sexuality of possibly being bisexual, pansexual, or even gender-fluid.

Although it didn’t work out between Kitty and Dae, this did open up a whole new line of possibilities for Kitty.

And no, she did not get to confess to Yuri, considering that Yuri is dating Juliana.

However, when XO, Kitty Season 1 finale came around, Kitty was surprised to find Min Ho (played by Sang Heon Lee) flying on the same plane with her.

There, Min Ho confessed to Kitty: “I think I’m falling in love with you. A bit. Or a lot.”

By the end of XO, Kitty, the camera zooms in on Kitty’s uncertain future: her sexuality, her feelings towards Min Ho’s confession, and of course, a new man on the list of her mother’s potential first loves she wants to uncover.

Who Else Ends Up With Who in XO, Kitty?

XO, Kitty
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Who Does Dae End Up With?

Dae, despite being one of the central characters on the show, ends up single by the Season 1 finale.

Though it hurt him to find out that his first girlfriend, Kitty, had fallen for his fake girlfriend, Yuri, he’s more than happy to still keep in touch with Kitty as pen pals. Friends.

Who Does The KISS Principal End Up With?

While XO, Kitty Season 1 did not exactly show whether Yuri’s mother Jina (Yunjin Kim) and Alex’s biological father Professor Lee (Michael K. Lee) got back together, the four of them spent a moment together talking about their future off-camera.

Jina might not be a centric character on the show, but she did play a huge role in Yuri's story.

Aside from keeping her daughter from pursuing her true love, Jina had to keep up face to save her husband's reputation.

As seen in the series, when Jina tried to have Yuri meet her half-brother, Alex Finnerty, she was forbidden by her own husband.

This led to one of the many reasons Jina rebelled and had her two distant children meet, along with Professor Lee, who turned out to be the biological father of Alex.

Are Q and Florian Endgame?

When Q and Florian first met in XO, Kitty
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Credit: Netflix

As for one of the matchmaking couples Kitty set up, Q (Anthony Keyvan) and Florian (Theo Augier Bonaventure), the two started off unaware about each other, until Kitty stepped up to the plate and had them set up as lab partners.

Q and Florian hit it off starting from there and even binge-watched movies together, making out during detention, and more.

But Florian hit a stump when his divorced parents tried taking him away from KISS due to his grades failing.

In an attempt to stay together with Q, Florian bought test answers from a fellow KISS student so he could ace the exams and stay together with Q.

Even though this was deemed problematic by Kitty, Q argued it’s romantic because Florian is willing to do anything just to stay with him.

Although, this actually hit another huge bump in their relationship. Florian did not only ace the exams, he topped off Dae’s grades.

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Dae is a KISS student who largely depends on his scholarship to continue going to that school. Now that he’s not the first top student anymore, Q’s friendship with him hangs on the balance.

What Happened To Yuri and Juliana?

Yuri and Juliana, on the other hand, finally got to see each other by XO, Kitty Season 1’s finale, where Yuri meets Juliana at the airport to pick her up.

Who Does Min Ho End Up With?

Min Ho and Kitty riding the same plane in XO, Kitty Season 1 finale
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Credit: Netflix

Last but not the least, Min Ho did not end up with Madison Miller (Jocelyn Shelfo).

What started with Min Ho treating Madison as one of his flings, soon turned into something he could look forward to in his future.

However, as it turns out, Madison only liked Min Ho BECAUSE of the fact that he was only ever interested in having flings.

Even though these two did not end up together, it did give Min Ho a perspective of wanting to navigate a more serious relationship. Exclusive dating.

Oh, and the KPOP trainee star named Lulu that Min Ho tried to go out with on Chuseok night? Didn’t work, either.

Right after XO, Kitty Episode 6, Min Ho had a sex dream about Kitty where he lifted her off her feet and nearly made out with her, where his first feelings started developing for her.

This is most likely one of the reasons that led him to confess to Kitty. He likely sees spending his future with her, despite their history of always teasing each other.

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How Does This Set Up Potential XO, Kitty Season 2?

Netflix and series creator Jenny Han have yet to confirm if XO, Kitty Season 2 has been greenlit, but given what XO, Kitty Season 1 has offered us, returning these characters on screen is likely.

We don’t have an exact release date or official plot synopsis for an XO, Kitty Season 2, but we do have release date predictions and a plot date speculation, if you’re interested.

Apart from Kitty discovering there is more to her late mother Eve Song’s past stored letters, Kitty discovers one crucial name: Simon, potentially one of her mother’s first loves before their dad, Dr. Dan Covey (John Corbett).

Not to mention, with Min Ho confessing his newfound love for Kitty, a Season 2 revolving around these two wouldn’t be far off!

Now that Min Ho has accepted wanting to settle in a serious relationship and that he looks at Kitty the same way, XO, Kitty Season 2 would explore this relationship on deeper levels.

How would that look like for the potential enemies to lovers couple? We’ll have to wait until Netflix or Jenny Han officially greenlight XO, Kitty Season 2.

For now, all episodes of XO, Kitty Season 1 are available to stream on Netflix.

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