Who Does Jin-Woo End Up With in Solo Leveling?

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Who Does Jin Woo End Up With in Solo Leveling
Credit: D&C Media

Solo Leveling is a fantasy manhwa focusing primarily on action scenes and fighting sequences but this didn't exactly prevent fans from wondering about the main characters' love life. So, who does Jin-Woo end up with in Solo Leveling?

About Solo Leveling

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Credit: D&C Media

In Solo Leveling, a fantasy manhwa written and illustrated by the Korean artist Chugong, we're introduced to a modern world infested with monsters.

Monster Hunters are humanity's only hope of survival; such is the world that the main character Sung Jin-Woo is trying to navigate as the world's weakest Hunter.

When a dungeon shenanigan goes wrong, Jin-Woo dies. He is, however, allowed to live again, this time with access to the world's power stats, in a manner similar to a roleplaying game.

Jin-Woo now has the opportunity to level up ceaselessly, reaching an unseen-before power level and perhaps becoming humanity's only hope against the evil Monarchs.

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Who Does Jin Woo End Up With in Solo Leveling?

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Credit: D&C Media

Solo Leveling is not a romance story and ultimately it doesn't end with a straightforward pairing. All manhwa evidence, however, suggests that he is going to end up with his fellow hunter, Cha Hae-In, at some point in the future.

Cha Hae-In is the third strongest Hunter in Korea, after Jin-Woo and Go Gun-Hee. Being perceptive and thorough at her job, she was able to tell early on that something was different about Jin-Woo.

This, of course, didn't stop her from developing romantic feelings for him. At first, these feelings were a bit one-sided, as Jin-Woo didn't think much of her - at least not romantically.

Cha Hae-In's feelings nevertheless developed over time, to the point that she'd lose her composure when Jin-Woo was around.

Eventually, Jin-Woo reciprocated her feelings and the two even went on a date before things took a turn for the worst plot-wise.

When Jin-Woo used the Resurrection Cup to change the timeline and rid the world of the Monarchs, he came back to an alternate timeline where he was a teenager.

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The manhwa ended with him encountering a younger Cha Hae-In who likely did not remember him. The suggestion was clear, however; there is now a possibility for them to restart their relationship under more optimal circumstances.

In the Solo Leveling light novel, the couple eventually gets married and they have a son.


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