Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling Ranked: The 10 Most Powerful

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Credit: D&C Media

Solo Leveling has concluded with chapter 179 having been recently published. Now that we have the whole story, it’s easier to determine which is the strongest character in the beloved web novel and manhua by the Korean Artist Chugong. Of course, different people will produce different readings of favorite characters and their powers, but the Shadow Monarch’s strength is beyond doubt. So, here are some of the strongest characters in Solo Leveling:

1. Absolute Being

As the name suggests, the Absolute Being is a god-like power of immeasurable strength. Depicted as a gigantic man with long silver hair and yellow eyes, the Absolute Being is a cruel and selfish deity who split the light to create the Rulers, and the darkness to create the Monarchs. Therefore, he’s responsible for much of the conflict in the series. Although the Absolute Being is no longer alive, his powers cannot be compared even to Jin-Woo’s as he created all the characters that almost devastated the human world throughout Solo Leveling.


2. Sung Jin-Woo

Sung Jin-Woo started off as a low-ranking hunter, barely stronger than a mere human and mockingly considered as the worlds’ weakest hunter. After one of many near-death experiences, he woke up in the hospital, only to find that he’s broken the world’s fourth wall. Having access to RPG-like stats, he unlocks infinite possibilities to level up, before finally becoming a full-fledged Shadow Monarch and saving his world.

3. Ashborn

Ashborn was the first Shadow Monarch, before Jin-Woo. Also known as the King of the Dead and The Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light. At some point in history, Ashborn started looking for an appropriate vessel, which he found in the face of main character Sung Jin-Woo. When the latter fully embraced Ashborn’s power, he became infinitely strong, eventually saving the world from the other Monarchs.

4. Antares

Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling Ranked 2
Credit: D&C Media

Antares, also known as the King of Dragons and the Monarch of Destruction is one of the strongest Monarchs, and Sung Jin-Woo’s ultimate foe. As the final antagonist, he was the hardest to defeat, and Jin-Woo only managed after having fully embraced his powers as Shadow Monarch.

5. Monarch of Frost

The Frost Monarch is one of those who teamed with Antares to defeat Sung Jin-Woo, knowing the Shadow Monarch was only comparable to Antares in strength. His immense speed and his ice magic made him a hard opponent, one, however, that Jin Woo eventually managed to defeat.

6. Monarch of Beasts

The Beast Monarch was another extremely powerful opponent who made life hard for the Hunters. Durability, Speed, and spiritual body manifestation made the Monarch of Beasts another difficult opponent to deal with.

7. Sung Il Hwan

To be fair, this list could comprise Monarchs alone, as they are typically much stronger than any human, even a hunter. To spice things up, however, we’re going to focus on other characters for the rest of the list. Jin-Woo’s father, is another extremely strong character, who plays a decisive role in protecting Jin-Woo at some point, and he was able to stun the Frost Monarch; a feat no ordinary human would manage.


8. Bellion

Bellion started of as Ashborn’s servants, and his the strongest shadow in the world. Like other characters in this list, he possesses immense strength, speed, and durability. By the final battle, he comes to serve Jin-Woo, who ascends into the Shadow Monarch role.

9. Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre is a S-Rank Hunter and an International Level Hunter; America’s strongest. At one point, he was able to fight evenly against the Beast Monarch, so his strength shouldn’t be taken lightly!

10. Rulers

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Rulers, who are in perpetual war with the Monarchs. An ancient race of angelic beings, they once served the Absolute Being. Like the Monarchs, they occasionally use human vessels, but unlike them, they let the humans retain control. They possess immense strength but lack a physical form, therefore, they can only manifest in the world through the aforementioned vessels.


Hopefully, a Solo Leveling anime will come out in the future, allowing us to see all these powerful characters fight on screen!