Who Does Fushi End up With in To Your Eternity?

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Who Does Fushi End Up With in To Your Eternity Fushi
Credit: Brain's Base

To Your Eternity is a sad anime, but sometimes, heartbreak goes hand in hand with romance. While it isn't a romance anime per se, some fans might be wondering who Fushi ends up with in To Your Eternity. Here's what we know as of To Your Eternity Season 1.

Warning: Spoilers below!

Does Fushi End up With Rean?

Does Fushi End up With Rean
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Credit: Brain's Base

Fushi and Rean don't end up together, although Rean develops a crush on him after their first encounter.

Rean and Fushi meet when Pioran takes Fushi to stay with her and her partner, "Booze Man".

Rean frequents the old man's house and even temporarily moves in with him and Pioran when she has a fallout with her parents.

Rean is rather charmed by Fushi, much to Gugu's dismay, as he's in love with Rean. But Gugu didn't dare express his feelings because he was insecure about his facial deformity.

Gugu struggles with the fact that Rean seems to prefer Fushi. Though, at that point, Fushi doesn't have enough understanding of romance to reciprocate.

Even when he grows older, Fushi doesn't seem to have romantic feelings for Rean.

When Gugu dies, he chooses to take his dead friend's form and pretend that he (Fushi) died instead.

This is likely due to Fushi's understanding that while Gugu and Rean didn't get together, they shared something special.

Does Fushi End up With Tonari?

Does Fushi End up With Tonari
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Credit: Brain's Base

Tonari and Fushi don't end up together either.

Fushi first met Tonari on the prison island of Jacanda. She was an aspiring writer and the daughter of a prisoner, while Fushi was there to rescue Pioran who had been captured.

At first, Fushi avoided forming a close bond with Tonari partly because he found her annoying and partly due to his previous tragic experience of losing his friends such as March and Gugu.

However, Tonari believed in Fushi, was impressed by his abilities, and wanted him to have friends.

Eventually, Fushi gives in and allows her and other children of prisoners to befriend him.

There are people who ship Fushi and Tonari, but the two don't end up together. However, their relationship remains friendly.

Who Does Fushi End up With?

Who Does Fushi End Up With Fushi
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Credit: Brain's Base

By the end of To Your Eternity Season 1, Fushi has not formed a romantic relationship with anyone. 

At the beginning of the anime, Fushi is a nameless orb without any identity or understanding of feelings.

Over the course of the series, he develops a wide range of emotions and different bonds with humans. However, he hasn't experienced romance yet.

This makes sense as Fushi is immortal and will always revert back to his old forms unless he consciously stops transforming altogether, and even then, it's uncertain if he would die.

One doesn't need romance to be a compelling character or have an awesome arc.

In that sense, it can be argued that the lack of romance in To Your Eternity is actually a plus, rather than a drawback. 

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Will There Be Romance in To Your Eternity Season 2?

Will There Be Romance in To Your Eternity Season 2
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Credit: Brain's Base

As of writing, it is not known if the second season of To Your Eternity is going to feature any romance.

As we mentioned above, we don't think that romance is absolutely necessary to tell a powerful and emotional story.

On the other hand, Fushi was sent to Earth to change and grow through stimulation, so a future romance could possibly enrich this experience -- though any romance with him is almost certainly bound to end in tragedy.

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