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To Your Eternity Season 1 Recap

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To Your Eternity Season 1 Recap
Credit: Brain's Base

To Your Eternity Season 2 is around the corner, so you might want to refresh your memory, as a lot happened in Season 1. If you don't have time to re-watch all the episodes of the fantasy anime, here's our To Your Eternity Season 1 recap:

To Your Eternity Season 1 Recap

To Your Eternity Season 1 Recap Fushi Joann
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Credit: Brain's Base

To Your Eternity is a shonen anime that follows a mysterious immortal being sent to earth to continually transform through stimulation.

Originally an orb, the being soon takes the form of a rock and lies for an indefinite amount of time, until a wolf collapses close by. The being takes the form of the now-dead wolf and wanders away. 

The wolf used to be the companion of a teenage boy. Most of his tribe has left or died, but the boy firmly believes that he can one day reunite with any survivors thus, he sets out on an impossible journey in the ice and snow.

Not realizing that his actual wolf has perished, he believes our protagonist to be Joann, and showers him with affection. But when the boy gets injured, he gets sick and progressively weakens until he dies, introducing our protagonist to unspeakable grief.

The unnamed being then takes the boy's form and sets out on a beautiful and heartbreaking journey.

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Fushi's First Friends

To Your Eternity Season 1 Recap March
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Credit: Brain's Base

His first important encounter is with March, a girl who is chosen by her village as a human sacrifice.

When Parona, a young woman from the village, spirits March away in hopes of saving her from this horrible fate, they cross paths with our protagonist, whom March names "Fushi" when she discovers that he cannot die but instead always returns to his previous state when he sustains deadly injuries.

Before being chosen as a sacrifice, March had dreamed of becoming a mother, so she takes it upon herself to teach Fushi basic manners and human language.

Throughout the first five episodes, March and Parona travel far from their village, always pursued by Hayase, a woman obsessed with her belief that there must be a child sacrifice.

Along the way, they pick up Pioran, an elderly woman who becomes Fushi's grandmother figure. During their adventures, Fushi acquires the form of a bear whom he fights and kills.

While it originally seems that March has escaped her fate, she ends up dead during a violent conflict.

A devastated Fushi sets off, now carrying March's form with him, but Pioran finds him and sticks with him, continuing his education in humanity.

Curious about his immortality, Pioran decides to take Fushi to her lover, a learned old man. On the way, they're attacked by Nokkers, evil creatures who wish to steal Fushi's form.

His Creator, the Beholder, appears and tells him he must destroy these creatures' core.

A Found Family

To Your Eternity Season 1 Recap Fushi Pioran Dinner Scene
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Credit: Brain's Base

Elsewhere, a young orphan boy named Gugu is abandoned by his older brother. While Gugu suffers alone, he meets Rean, a girl from a rich family, and he falls in love with her.

When Rean is at risk of being injured by a huge log, Gugu takes the blow for her.

Gugu survives thanks to the care of Pioran's lover, whom he nicknames Booze Man. His face has become so deformed that he has to wear a helmet but, overall, his life takes a positive turn as Booze Man takes him in and treats him like a grandson.

Gugu also meets Fushi, whom Pioran has brought to the Booze Man's home, and the two form a friendship that feels more like a brotherhood.

Rean, who would visit Booze Man for ointments, has an argument with her parents and announces that she will move in.

Gugu is afraid of showing his face to her and never lets her know that he was the one who rescued her, though the two develop a heart-warming relationship.

While the Nokkers remain a threat, Gugu helps Fushi keep them at bay, and the two grow together into happy young men.

Fushi, Gugu, and Rean remain close, but Rean still struggles with Gugu's love confession that was made when he was drunk and then forgotten.

During her birthday party, the Nokkers finally make a move and cause great damage. Fushi manages to keep them away, but the house is almost destroyed.

Rean finally understands Gugu's feelings for her and apparently reciprocates, but once again, Gugu is injured trying to keep her safe from the shattering house, and this time, he dies.

Fushi takes Gugu's form and tells Rean that it was Fushi who died, but whether or not she believes that is left ambiguous.

Heartbroken over the damage the Nokkers caused to his found family, Fushi leaves to become stronger and keep his surviving loved ones safe.

A New Adventure

To Your Eternity Season 1 Recap Tonari
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Credit: Brain's Base

As he sets off alone to prevent further casualties, Fushi meets with the Beholder and finds out that the Nokkers are able to steal his forms - and his memories of those to whom they originally belonged.

Despite his fear of hurting more loved ones, Fushi is persuaded to let Pioran tag along. When they seek transport by ferry, they are tricked into boarding vessels that lead to Jacanda, a prison island.

There, they meet a girl named Tonari and other children of prisoners who've spent most of their lives in Jacanda.

Fushi finds out that the only way for a prisoner to be set free is to enter a very violent tournament and win, as the victor can gain their freedom.

While fighting to free himself and Pioran, Fushi realizes that he can now take Parona's form and that therefore she must be dead.

Soon enough, he finds that Parona was murdered by Hayase who has become obsessed with Fushi and his powers.

After many misadventures and encounters with Nokkers, Hayase captures Fushi. While he eventually escapes, all of his friends apart from Tonari are killed by Nokkers, who reveal a new ability; they can now control the bodies of the deceased making them zombie-like creatures.

Fushi saves both Tonari and Hayase from the Nokkers, leaving the latter alone in a boat.

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Curtain's Call

To Your Eternity Season 1 Recap Pioran
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Credit: Brain's Base

Fushi and Pioran set out to a remote, deserted island, where Fushi intends to train and grow stronger while waiting for more Nokkers to attack. But this isn't the end of Fushi's struggles.

Pioran's health soon begins to deteriorate, as she develops dementia and eventually dies of old age.

Watching her waste away is very traumatizing for Fushi who cannot comprehend what was happening to her.

In her last moments, Pioran asks the Beholder to make her reincarnate as something useful to Fushi, and he accepts.

Fast forward a few decades, Fushi is still on the island, all alone and looking middle-aged.

In his last scene, he is seen laughing maniacally as he kills another Nokker.

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So, What Can We Expect From To Your Eternity Season 2?

The trailer for the forthcoming new season reveals that something will get Fushi out of his isolation and back to the world of humans, where he has experienced both love and grief.

Not much is known about the new season but, based on what we do know, we recommend having tissues at hand!

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