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Mashle - Who Are Mash’s Parents?

Who Are Mash’s Parents in Mashle?
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In Mashle, Mash Burnedead has an unfortunate upbringing. He is the adoptive son of Regro Burnedead, but who are Mash’s parents in Mashle?

Mashle is one of the standouts of the spring anime season. Many are even calling it "Harry Potter on Steroids" due to the references in the premise and how similar Mash is to One-Punch Man’s Saitama.

Do you think Mash has what it takes to be one of the strongest anime characters of all time?

Spoiler Warning: This article contains major spoilers from the Mashle manga.

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What Is the Story Behind Mash Burnedead’s Orphan Life?

Mash Burnedead was merely a hapless orphan confined in the magic realm until his name made headlines at the Easton Magic Academy—or so we thought!

In reality, Mash Burnedead had always been capable of taking care of himself, even at such a young age, before Regro Burnedead took him home.

Mash was born with overpowered physical abilities, contrary to popular belief that he acquired them through his daily training regimen like Saitama.

From the beginning, Mash has had advantages and privileges; he only needs to hone these talents to become even stronger.

Most likely, Regro Burnedead is aware of Mash's talent and has resolved to do everything in his power to assist Mash in fending for himself.

What Is the Story Behind Mash Burnedead’s Orphan Life?
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Credit: A-1 Pictures

Ever since Mash was young, he has relied on his physical abilities to survive.

Although Mash lacks the ability to use magic like the rest of his siblings, the gods appear to have bestowed upon him an extraordinary gift unlike any other.

Perhaps that was why Mash couldn't utilize magic. He already possesses such physical strength that the gods ban him from using magic, lest he become invincible.

Mash has five siblings, none of whom will be seen by anime viewers anytime soon.

They first appeared in the later chapters of the series, and we don't know if at least one of them (presumably Delisaster) is going to appear in the anime.

Nonetheless, Mash was born next to Domina Blowelive, who is now enrolled in Walkis Magic Academy.

The midwife who looked after them predicted that Domina would become one of the world's greatest wizards, while Mash would become a clever and successful carpenter.

Every single time Domina goes into a fit, he destroys everything in sight. This is when Mash springs into action and fixes all the furniture Domina destroyed.

Domina became so upset with Mash that he wanted his brother to leave.

Eventually, Domina got his wish, and Mash got lost in the magic realm—that is until Regro Burnedead found him.

From here on, Regro took care of Mash and raised him as his own son. But because Mash is unmarked, Regro hid him from the world and made him live in isolation in the middle of the forest.

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So, Who Are Mash’s Parents?

So, Who Are Mash’s Parents?
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Credit: A-1 Pictures

Mash Burnedead is the youngest son of Innocent Zero. He has six children, yet they exist solely for his benefit.

Mashle's main antagonist, Innocent Zero, was formerly a student of Adam Jobs, the first Divine Visionary in the magical realm.

He was also a former classmate of Headmaster Wahlberg and Professor Meliadoul.

Furthermore, Innocent Zero is the name given to the scheming group that threatens the serenity of the Easton Magic Academy.

Apparently, they are looking for Innocent Zero's missing son (who we now know is Mash).

Once Mash is located, Innocent Zero can continue his quest for immortality.

His six children exist solely for his selfish gain, as he seeks to absorb each and every one of their hearts in order to achieve immortality.

At the time of writing, Innocent Zero has taken all of his children's hearts (including Mash's), and we're about to find out in the upcoming chapters if Meliadoul will be able to save Mash Burnedead from death.

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But Where Is Mash’s Mother?

But Where Is Mash’s Mother?
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Credit: A-1 Pictures

Now that we know that Innocent Zero is Mash’s biological father, we obviously need to ask who his mother was in Mashle.

But unfortunately, Mashle has never revealed any details regarding Mash’s mother.

This is true for all of Innocent Zero's children, as their moms were all already gone when they emerged.

Even in Mash’s early years, his mother was not seen. It was only the midwife who appeared on behalf of Mash’s mother.

All of Innocent Zero's offspring most likely had different mothers, and they all perished shortly after birth.

Take this prediction with a grain of salt, as Mashle has never confirmed anything regarding this conjecture.

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