Where to Read the DanMachi Light Novel After the Anime

Where to Read the DanMachi Light Novel After the Anime

Where to Read the DanMachi Light Novel After the Anime

DanMachi Season 4 has come to an end with what many consider to be the best cour in the franchise so far! If you can't wait for a potential DanMachi Season 5, here’s where to start the DanMachi light novels after the anime.

While DanMachi is quite a faithful adaptation, many people say that the source material is some of the best fantasy light novels in recent years!

While the anime isn't too far behind now, there are still some exciting volumes to discover.

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Where to Start Reading DanMachi After Season 4 of the Anime

DanMachi Season 4 has adapted volumes 12-14 of the light novel series. So, if you want to discover what happens next and don't wish to go back to what you've already seen, you could pick it up from volume 15.

DanMachi Season 4 Part 1 adapted volumes 12 and 13 across its 11-episode run. Volume 12 follows Bell’s expedition into the Great Falls and his encounter with Moss Huge, while volume 13 covers the mystery surrounding Gale Wind, aka. Ryuu Lion.

Volume 14 was the focus of Part 2 and picks up the story directly following the end of Part 1, with Bell and Ryuu cut adrift on deeper floors while Bell’s crew face a similarly despairing predicament.

DanMachi volumes 13 and 14 were essentially one continuous story, unlike in some other volumes, which meant the two-cour adaptation made particular sense.

While the DanMachi anime adaptation is well-received by fans, if you enjoy the story, I recommend reading more of the light novels. The books are fantastic in their own right and readily available, so support the creator and check them out!

How Many Volumes Does the DanMachi Light Novel Have?

How Many Volumes Does DanMachi Have Where to Read
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Credit: Fujino Ōmori | Suzuhito Yasuda | SB Creative

DanMachi currently has 18 volumes published in Japan, with the latest released in January 2023.

The 17th volume of DanMachi was released in English in Summer 2022, during DanMachi Season 4’s first run.

There were nearly two years between the domestic release of DanMachi Volume 17 (April 2021) and 18.

The delay was widely believed to be due to Fujino Omori’s other commitments, most notably a new manga series titled Wistoria's Wand and Sword, first released in 2020 and ongoing monthly with the help of illustrator Toshi Aoi.

However, with DanMachi celebrating its 10th anniversary, we're hopeful we might see more from Omori over the coming year.

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Where to Read the DanMachi Light Novels

Where to Read the DanMachi Light Novels After Anime
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Currently, there is no free or subscription service that provides online access to the DanMachi light novels.

The best (and only) way to read DanMachi legally is to purchase physical or digital copies of each volume. Thankfully, copies are quite readily available.

Most digital bookstores will have all volumes of DanMachi available – English publisher YenPress provides a list of retailers. You can also order physical copies from most reputable outlets, or take a chance at your local bookstore.

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