Where to Read the Tokyo Revengers Manga After the Anime

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Where to Read the Tokyo Revengers Manga After the Anime
Credit: Liden Films

With the first season done, some Tokyo Revengers fans might not have enough patience to wait for the next season of the series. So, others might resort to reading the manga — but which manga chapter does the Tokyo Revengers anime end with?

The Tokyo Revengers anime premiered in Spring 2021, with Liden Films handling the adaptation. The anime became a big hit, and the series has become a popular one for shonen fans.

Warner Bros. Japan also released a live-action movie adaptation in July 2021.

Tokyo Revengers is a shonen manga series created by Ken Wakui. It began serialization in March 2017 under Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine. The manga is still ongoing, with the plot already in its final arc.

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About Tokyo Revengers

Where to Read the Tokyo Revengers Manga After the Anime - About
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Credit: Liden Films

Tokyo Revengers follows 26-year-old Hanagaki Takemichi, who suddenly finds out his one and only girlfriend from middle school, Tachibana Hinata, has been murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang.

One day, while waiting for the train, someone pushes him onto the tracks all of a sudden. Before his life could flash before his eyes, he is abruptly transported back 12 years into the past.

Takemichi returned to his middle school life when he was still dating Hinata. He learns that by shaking the hand of Naoto, Hinata's younger brother, Takemichi can time travel back and forth between his 26-year-old and 14-year-old self.

Takemichi realizes he has a chance to redeem himself and save Hinata from dying. Thus, he embarks on a journey to change the future of the lives of his precious friends.

In Which Chapter Does the Tokyo Revengers Anime End?

Where to Read Tokyo Revengers After the Anime Manga Chapter
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Credit: Liden Films

The Tokyo Revengers anime has, so far, adapted up to chapter 73. If you want to read the Tokyo Revengers manga from where the anime left off, you'll want to pick it up from chapter 74.

The last episode of Tokyo Revengers Season 1 adapted chapters 69 to 73 of the manga.

For a short recap, Tokyo Revengers episode 24 ended with Kisaki killing Chifuyu. Before getting shot, Chifuyu tells Takemichi that a lot has happened; but he leaves the future of the Tokyo Manji Gang with Takemichi.

The next installment of Tokyo Revengers will cover the Christmas Showdown arc. If you want to get started with the manga before the second season's release, you can start reading from chapter 74.

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