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Where is Yelena and Why Isn't She in the Trailer of Hawkeye?

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Hawkeye finally dropped its first trailer and it is insanely action-packed making the coming holidays one of the most exciting with the upcoming Disney Plus show. It introduced to us another Marvel newcomer, Hailee Steinfeld, who would give life to Kate Bishop, and there is Clint Barton as well. However, as many have noticed, a character is not present in the teaser, Yelena, where is she and why isn't she shown in the clip?

Where is Yelena and Why Isn't She in the Trailer of Hawkeye?

The return of Florence Pugh in the MCU is not too far long after the release of Black Widow where she made her debut. Yelena, her character, met with another Marvel newcomer, Contessa Valentina Allegria de Fontaine in the post-credits scene, where they talked about Clint Barton being Yelena's new target, naming him as the person responsible for Natasha's death.

It could be remembered that in Endgame, Natasha and Clint had to battle it out who would make the sacrifice to get the soul stone as both of them are very much willing to do the jump. In the end, Natasha made sure Clint comes home to his family and get them back from the blip. However, only Clint knows what exactly happened.

The trailer of Hawkeye easily shows what the series will be about, with Clint in his retirement with his kids, Kate Bishop using the masked vigilante Ronin persona that Clint used to have before Endgame, and both of them made Christmas a little more exciting with a bow on top. There was even a musical about Steve Rogers. However, Yelena wasn't there.

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Probably, in the next trailers, she would finally appear. Yelena's involvement with Contessa Val and Barton being her target is something Marvel is saving for a surprise or she would have a trailer with the whole part of the show where they would come face to face with Clint not knowing who she is or if he knows her, he'd be surprised.

The purpose of the first teaser is to introduce Kate Bishop and establish how she got connected to Clint Barton. If the story with Yelena would be there, then it would already be complete. Why not enjoy the build-up and see where it goes, right?

Hawkeye is scheduled for release on November 24, 2021, only on Disney Plus.


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