Komi Can't Communicate's LGBTQ+ Characters: Why They Matter

Komi Can't Communicate LGBTQ+ Characters: Najimi Osana, a non-binary character
Credit: OLM

Komi Can't Communicate LGBTQ+ Characters: Najimi Osana, a non-binary character
Credit: OLM

Komi Can’t Communicate continues to make waves as it enters its second season for the Spring 2022 anime shows and with the series exploring the life of the titular character and her struggles, the LGBTQ+ characters in the show also make their appearance worthwhile just by being casually treated in the series. Here is why they matter.

Komi Can't Communicate's LGBTQ+ Characters: Why Do They Matter?

Komi Can't Communicate LGBTQ+ Characters: Ren Yamai is openly a lesbian
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Credit: OLM

Throughout the show, the LGBTQ+ characters are being casually treated in the narrative of the show. Classic examples are Najimi Osana and Ren Yamai. Their existence in the show makes Komi more comfortable with her surroundings and they became friends with the goddess-like beauty, still being as quirky as they are.

Ren Yamai is an avid follower or fan of Komi and she has a huge crush on her. She is a yandere girl who has an obsession over Komi that sometimes, she is borderline creepy with the way she deals with her. Soon after learning how to repress her obsession, they actually became friends and while she still has a crush on her, it shows how it is possible to have a character like her with a trope that is worthwhile.

Then there is the queerest of them all, Najimi Osana, possibly the best non-binary character to ever grace the screens in anime and Najimi’s gender remains with ambiguity using neutral pronouns. The popular one, Najimi befriends Komi and with the fun that Najimi is, Komi’s life continues to be colorful. Tadano recognizes Najimi to have worn a male uniform in middle school but now wearing a girl’s uniform.

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As casual as the show treats the LGBTQ+ members, their significance bears something more than being friends with Komi: their existence is a good start in having representation in anime shows. Nowadays, the films and movies are being more open to these characters and while there is still room for improvement, it is a big step in giving the whole community an avenue for recognition.

With Komi Can’t Communicate starting things right, hopefully, the anime industry reverberates its efforts in the near future when it comes to representation.

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 releases every Wednesday. The show will arrive on Netflix internationally on April 27, 2022.

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