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When is Uncoupled Season 2 Coming to Netflix?

Uncoupled neil patrick harris as michael holding red roses and smirking
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has certainly taken things up a notch with its newest rom-com, Uncoupled. The streaming platform released the highly-relatable 8-episode series last July 29th and people are already wondering if there will be a second season.

Apart from the nature of the show, Uncoupled managed to captivate its audience by starring Neil Patrick Harris as the main protagonist. If the late 90s had the amazingly successful Sex and the City, this generation has Uncoupled… but for gays.

So will there be an Uncoupled Season 2? Here's what we know about the show right now.

What Is Uncoupled About?

Uncoupled neil patrick harris as michael and tuc watkins as colin kissing against window
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Credit: Netflix

This is NPH's breakaway role from his highly popular stint from How I Met Your Mother, where he played the role of womanizer Barney Stinson. In Uncoupled, NPH plays the exact opposite of that role.

For starters, NPH stars as Michael, a 40-something, recently single gay guy in New York City. And unlike his role as Barney, Michael actually came out of a 17-year relationship with 50-year-old Colin (played by Tuc Watkins).

Throughout the show, Michael unlearns all the things he knows about dating and starts hooking up through random encounters. He signs up for an online dating account where he is advised by his friends to save some dick pics as his "passport to online dating."

In the show, there is a scene where Michael tries to take a selfie of himself naked as he stands in front of a full-length mirror inside a gym. So cliche, right?

Along the way, Michael makes new friends and discovers things about himself that he has long forgotten while he was in a long-term relationship.

Uncoupled Cast: Who's In It?

Uncoupled neil patrick harris as michael shirtless looking outside window and smiling
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Credit: Netflix

As mentioned, Uncoupled stars the one and only Neil Patrick Harris as Michael. The other actors that are in the show include the following:

  • Neil Patrick Harris (as Michael)
  • Tuc Watkins (as Colin)
  • Tisha Campbell (as Suzanne)
  • Brooks Ashmanskas (as Stanley)
  • Emerson Brooks (as Billy)
  • Marcia Gay Harden (as Claire Lewis)

Will There Be an Uncoupled Season 2?

Uncoupled neil patrick harris as michael Marcia Gay Harden as Claire Lewis toasting wine at a dinner party
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Credit: Netflix

As of this writing, Netflix has not yet made an announcement regarding the future of the show. But this does not mean that the show has been cancelled. Given the fact that Uncoupled was widely appreciated by viewers, it's highly possible that it will get renewed for a second season.

Besides, if a show will simply be released with one season, Netflix typically bills it as a "limited series." The absence of such on Uncoupled makes us hopeful that it will get another installment, especially after that major cliffhanger that the first season left us with. Netflix has to give us some meat.

But for now, fans are waiting for an official announcement from Netflix. And as perfectly said by one fan: "In the waves of teenage LGBTQ+ stories, the series of middle age gay men is quite refreshing."

Fingers crossed!

Potential Uncoupled Season 2 Plot

Uncoupled neil patrick harris as michael walking smugly in street
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Credit: Netflix

With Colin suddenly showing up on Michael's apartment and saying he made a mistake, fans can't help but wonder if the two will be getting back together in the next season. So that's definitely a potential Uncoupled Season 2 plot right there.

But in an interview with TVLine, showrunner Darren Star teased of another angle in the show where Kai (Suzanne's son) makes plans to meet his biological father. Throughout the first season, this wasn't brought up again so it's possible that Star could also use that angle for the second installment.

"We have strong ideas about that storyline. We almost gave it away in season one, then decided not to. It'll be very surprising."

Surprisingly enough, even Tisha Campbell (as Suzanne) doesn't know who the mystery man is.

It's also interesting to see how the story will play out with the news of Stanley's breast cancer and how Billy reconsiders his relationship after being left out of the diagnosis.

With all these angles, there's definitely a lot to play around with. While waiting for an official announcement, let's look back at the show's official trailers:

And here's another one:

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