When Is the Wicked Movie Coming Out?

Wicked poster
Credit: Universal Pictures

Wicked poster
Credit: Universal Pictures

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There have been numerous times that The Wizard of Oz has been made into a film and on stage. The most famous movie, without a doubt, is the 1939 version which starred Judy Garland. In addition to this, it has been retold several times from the perspective of the different characters.

One of its versions is Wicked the musical. The story is based on Gregory Maguire's novel, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. The 2003 version has been applauded in musical theater and brought about a fresh and unique take on the story. Because of its immense success, Universal Pictures is taking the story to film for more fans around the world to witness.

While John M. Chu is the director, the original stage show writer, Winnie Holzman, is taking care of the film's screenplay. The question now is when we can expect Wicked to be released.

When Is Wicked Coming Out?

Wicked poster
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Credit: Universal Pictures

There's both good and bad news regarding Wicked's release date. The good news is that a release date has been announced. Unfortunately, it'll be a long wait until the film comes out.  The film adaptation will be separated into two parts. The first movie will be released on Wednesday, December 25, 2024 in theaters. The second part will be released exactly a year after, on Thursday, December 25, 2025.

What Is Wicked Story About?

Ariana Grande as Glinda the Good Witch
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As mentioned, Wicked will be the film adaptation of the hit musical show. The story follows Elphaba (played by Cynthia Erivo,) aka the Wicked Witch of the West, as she faces difficulties throughout her life. Having been born with green skin, Elphaba gets teased and bullied by people all her life.

She meets Glinda the Good Witch (played by Ariana Grande) at Shiz University who becomes her lifelong rival. We witness the character's transformation into the villain that she is destined to become.

What Is Wicked Story About?

Idina Menzel at the Oscars
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On Broadway, Elphaba the Wicked Witch is played by Idina Menzel while Kristin Chenoweth plays Glinda the Good Witch. The two expressed interest in reprising their roles in the upcoming Wicked movie. But since Elphaba and Glinda are supposed to be college students, their roles were recast. It's possible that they could star in the second part as the older version of these key characters.

Meanwhile, the cast of Wicked the movie includes the following:

  • Cynthia Erivo (as Elphaba the Wicked Witch)
  • Ariana Grande (as Glinda the Good Witch)
  • Michelle Yeoh (as Madame Morrible)
  • Jeff Goldblum (as The Wizard of Oz)
  • Jonathan Bailey (as Prince Fiyero)
  • Keala Settle (as Miss Coddle)
  • Bowen Yang (as Pfannee)
  • Bronwyn James (as ShenShen)
  • Colin Michael Carmichael (as Nikidik)
  • Ethan Slater (as Boq)
  • Marissa Bode (as Nessarose)
  • Aaron Teoh Guan Ti (as Avaric)

Is There a Wicked Trailer Online?

Right now, Wicked just finished picking out its cast. This means that production and filming have not yet started so there is no footage available to use as a trailer.

In the meantime, you can watch this video of Ariana Grande singing The Wizard and I:

And here is an original song from Wicked the Musical performed by Menzel and Chenoweth:

We will update this post once more information becomes available.

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