Ariana Grande Does Perfect Impersonation of Judy Garland in SNL Sci-Fi Sketch

Ariana Grande made a slew of impersonations during last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live and most, if not all of them are pretty impressive. One such sketch is of the renowned singer/actress, Judy Garland. However, the sketch had unfortunately been cut for time.

Now,SNL decided to post the sketch on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

The sketch features Grande as Garland in 1961 in the lead role of the sci-fi B movie, Up We Go in Our Fantastic Rocket, a film funded and completely controlled by Garland. The video shows Grande as the dancing and alcohol-induced captain of the rocket. Highlights include Grande and a devoted crew who dances with her each time she says so. Of course, Grande’s version doesn’t care even if the ship is threatened by an alien ship.

Check it out:


Other famous singers that the 22-year-old pop star made pitch-perfect impersonations of include Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Shakira, Whitney Houston, and Rihanna.

Grande has shown potential in her impersonation videos in the past, including this one:

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