Watch Jeff Goldblum Flex his Marvel/DC Knowledge

Veteran actor Jeff Goldblum is quite the eccentric, and he made his superhero movie debut when he starred as the Grandmaster in Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok. In a recent interview with MTV News, Goldblum tries to show off his comic book movie know-how, and he is just so delightfully quirky.

Check him out:

You’d think that he was going well guessing Batman was from DC, but it seems that he needs to brush off on his Marvel knowledge. I also think it’s funny that the when he was given Cyclops, he thought that it meant the creature from the Odyssey; it makes it even funnier that Tye Sheridan, who plays Cyclops in the live-action X-Men movies, was sitting down right next to him.

The Grandmaster didn’t really die by the end of Ragnarok, and it was even said that there was a deleted scene of him arriving on Earth. Seeing that he was so delightful to watch given Goldblum’s weird antics, I wouldn’t be opposed to him appearing again. Maybe there’s a small cameo for him in store with Avengers: Endgame?

This is also a stretch, but maybe Goldblum can fall in the DC radar soon. I would love for him to keep playing some eccentric people. Maybe he can be a new version of the Riddler? Just imagine Goldblum trying to stumble through riddles as he tries to recite them clearly to Batman. That would be cinematic gold.

We don’t know when the Grandmaster will be making another appearance, but everyone sure would be happy to see him in the MCU again.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26.

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