Is The School for Good and Evil Coming Out in October 2022?

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Charlize Theron as Lady Lesso and Kerry Washington as Professor Dovey in The School for Good and Evil
Credit: Netflx

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably already know that the YA fantasy series, The School for Good and Evil, is getting adapted into a film by Netflix. The book, written by Soman Chainani, has earned recognition as a bestseller, which explains why it has gained the attention of the streaming giant.

Apart from being the author behind the bestselling series, Chainani is credited as an executive producer and as one of the scriptwriters in the film. He is working closely with Paul Feig, who was chosen to direct the film. In a statement with Variety magazine, Chainani said: "To have one of your favorite directors adapt your book into a film for Netflix is an honor and a dream. Paul Feig is a brilliant filmmaker and a master of tone – a perfect fit for the twists and turns of The School for Good and Evil."


If you are keeping a close eye on this movie, here's what we now about it so far.

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When Will The School for Good and Evil Movie Be Released?

Michelle Yeoh as Professor Anemone in The School for Good and Evil
Credit: Netflix

In April 27, 2021, The Belfast Telegraph reported that Netflix has started filming The School for Good and Evil with the cast shooting their scenes at Belfast Harbour Studios. Those credited in the production of the film include Roth Films, Jane Startz Productions, NVIZ (for Special Effects), and Siam Costumes International (for props).

Most of the scenes were shot in Northern Ireland until May 2021, when filming ended for some of the cast members. Production also revealed that nearly all of the scenes had finished filming in early July 2021. By the end of July, the final scene was shot and they moved the film to post-production stage.

It has been reported that Fieg spend at least ten hours each day editing the film just so the special effects of the movie could be perfected.


And all of that hard work will finally be put to good use. Netflix has announced that The School for Good and Evil will be released on October 19th.

What Is The School for Good and Evil Story About?

Sophia Anne Caruso as Sophie  in The School for Good and Evil
Credit: Netflix

The School for Good and Evil is a fantasy drama based on the novels by Soman Chainani. With Chainani working as a scriptwriter in the film, we can expect the movie adaptation to remain loyal to the book series.

The premise of the book is that every four years, a couple of 12-year-old children are stolen from a village and taken to The School for Good and Evil. The book follows the story of the two girls, Sophie and Agatha, who become best friends. Unfortunately, both are polar opposites. Their paths also lead them down different directions as Sophie is groomed to become a heroine while Agatha is chosen to be a villain.

But accidents happen and this time, the two are sent to the wrong schools. Agatha is sent to the School for Good while Sophie becomes a student for the School for Evil.


How Many The School for Good and Evil Books Are There?

Sofia Wylie as Agatha in The School for Good and Evil
Credit: Netflix

There are a total of six books in The School for Good and Evil franchise. These books are separated into two sections:

The School Years

  • The School for Good and Evil
  • A World Without Princes
  • The Last Ever After

The Camelot Years

  • Quests for Glory
  • A Crystal of Time
  • One True King

Considering these books are bestsellers, we can expect that the film adaptation will also do well when it launches. Not to mention, the movie has a pretty stellar cast. So it's possible that Netflix will adapt the other books in the future.

Who Is Part of The School for Good and Evil Cast?

Sophia Anne Caruso as Sophie  in The School for Good and Evil
Credit: Netflix

One of the things that make The School for Good and Evil an exciting film to look forward to is because of its cast. We can expect to see some of the best actors take part in the film such as the following:

  • Sofia Wylie (as Agatha)
  • Sophia Anne Caruso (as Sophie)
  • Cate Blanchett (as a Narrator)
  • Charlize Theron (as Lady Lesso)
  • Kerry Washington (as Professor Dovey)
  • Michelle Yeoh (as Professor Anemone)
  • Lawrence Fishburne (as The Schoolmaster)
  • Kit Young (as Rafal)
  • Earl Cave (as Hort)
  • Rachel Bloom
  • Peter Serafinowicz
  • Mark Heap (as Professor Manley)
  • Patti LuPone
  • Jamie Flatters (as Tedros)
  • Freya Theodora Parks (as Hester)
  • Demi Isaac Oviawe (as Anadil)
  • Kaitlyn Akinpelumi
  • Briony Scarlett (as Reena)
  • Chinenye Ezeudu (as Chinen)
  • Stephanie Siadatan (as Vanessa)
  • Olivia Booth-Ford (as Cayla)
  • Rosie Graham (as Millicent)
  • Emma Lau (as Kiko)
  • Misha Butler (as Nicholas)
  • Holly Sturton (as Beatrix)
  • Ali Khan (as Chaddick)
  • Ben Kingsley
  • Rob Delaney

Is There a The School for Good and Evil Teaser?

Lawrence Fishburne as The Schoolmaster in The School for Good and Evil
Credit: Netflix

Yes, Netflix released a teaser for The School for Good and Evil last June 7th. The teaser features the moments that Agatha and Sophie get transported to the wrong schools. Cate Blanchett can be heard narrating the events in the teaser.

In September 2022, the full official trailer of The School for Good and Evil was released by Netflix. We see the full cast in this trailer and it's definitely something to look forward to:

Another clip was released at Netflix's Tudum 2022 event:


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