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Is Black Mirror Season 6 Coming Out in June 2023?

Salma Hayek in Black Mirror Season 6
Credit: Netflix

It's been a while since Netflix released a succeeding season of Black Mirror. In fact, the last season was released in June 2019. But thankfully, we already know that the producers are working on Season 6. And lately, a new cast has reportedly been signed for the anthology series. This may suggest that Black Mirror may have started filming some of the episodes for the sixth season.

Here's what we know about Black Mirror Season 6 so far.

Black Mirror Season 6 Release Date

There's no doubt that Black Mirror is still one of Netflix's best anthology series ever. And even though other streaming platforms have tried to imitate its success, they can only do so much. Because of this success, it has been revealed that the producers of the show are working on a sixth season. The announcement was made via a Variety exclusive in May 2022.

Unfortunately, we might have to wait for a little while longer since an official release date has not yet been shared. Not to mention, the show is currently in production.

And looking at its track record, the creators of the series tend to be shy when it comes to sharing details about succeeding seasons. So this might mean a release date won't be available until an official trailer is published.

We can't even make a guesstimate on the month that Black Mirror will be released since the producers have played this around a bit. Seasons 1 and 4 were both released in December. Meanwhile, Season 2 was released in February, followed by an October release for Season 3.

And the most recent season was released in June. Season 5 was originally slated for a December release. But because the show's creators spent an extensive amount of time working on the special Bandersnatch. It's possible that we could see Black Mirror Season 6 released in December 2023.

An official teaser for Black Mirror Season 6 was released on April 26, 2023. The show will be returning to Netflix in June 2023.

The official release date for Black Mirror Season 6 was announced on May 31, 2023. The show will return on June 15, 2023.

What is Taking Black Mirror Season 6 So Long?

Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 1 Bryce Dallas Howard as Lacie Pound taking photo of her food
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Credit: Netflix

The last season aired in June 2019, which means we haven't been able to see any new material from the anthology series even as a spinoff special (like Bandersnatch) for over three years.

But unlike other shows that had to take a break because of restrictions during the pandemic, Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Anabel Jones decided to put the project in hiatus. In an interview with Radio Times, Brooker said: "At the moment, I don't know what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart, so I'm not working away on any of those ['Black Mirror' episodes]. I'm sort of keen to revisit my comic skill set, so I've been writing scripts aimed at making myself laugh."

Apart from the pandemic, Booker and Jones actually decided to part from "House of Tomorrow," their production company backed by Endemol Shine Group. This was also acquired by Banijay Group. Instead, the two show creators put up their own production company (Broke and Bones) in January 2020. It was backed by Netflix with a $100 million investment. But considering their previous company still had some claim to Black Mirror's rights, Netflix had to create a new deal to gain a license to it.

Who Will be Part of Black Mirror Season 6 Cast?

Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 1 Ludi Lin as Lance, Pom Klementieff as Roxette fight as video game characters
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Credit: Netflix

Black Mirror's show format does not retain characters throughout each season. This gives the producers a lot of material to play with. But if you're wondering if there are any big names that will be joining the Black Mirror Season 6 cast, you're in luck!

The list of actors joining the show for its sixth season has been confirmed. Here are the actors you can expect to see when the series starts airing again:

  • Zazie Beetz (from Deadpool 2, Joker)
  • Aaron Paul (from Breaking Bad)
  • Paapa Essiedu (from I May Destroy You)
  • Josh Hartnett (from Penny Dreadful)
  • Danny Ramirez (from Top Gun: Maverick)
  • Clara Rugaard (from I Am Mother)
  • Auden Thornton (from This Is Us)
  • Anjana Vasan (from Spider-Man: Far From Home)

Although Black Mirror changes up casting for each episode, we might see some old familiar faces in the upcoming season. This is exactly what we saw in the case of some Black Mirror actors Michaela Cole and Hannah John-Kamen.

During the premiere of Bullet Train, Deadline spoke to Zazie Beetz about her involvement in the show. T/he actress revealed that filming for her role wrapped up in June. While she didn't reveal much about the plot, Beetz said: "I wouldn't say my character is having a lot of fun, but… I think there's a really great tongue-in-cheek dark element to it, Ipremonition kind of element. The mirror reflecting back on us."

In another report by Deadline, Rory Culkin could star in one episode of Black Mirror Season 6.

A succeeding report by Variety, revealed that Netflix is in talks of casting Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy.

In September 2, 2022, it was revealed that Rob Delaney will be joining the cast of Black Mirror Season 6. His role is kept secret right now.

More details will be revealed soon.

Black Mirror Season 6 Story: What Will It be About?

Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 2 Wyatt Russell as Cooper Redfield looking at tech in a case
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Credit: Netflix

Black Mirror has always been an anthology series. This is why it's impossible to share possible plot scenarios for any episode it releases.

In addition to this, the creators have always been very secretive about any information pertaining to the show.

Brooker, however, said that the production quality of this upcoming season will gain a more cinematic scope. This simply means that each episode will be treated as an individual movie.

Traditionally speaking, the release of Black Mirror's episodes has never been plenty. In fact, Black Mirror Season 5 launched with only 3 episodes. Fortunately, the upcoming season will reportedly have more episodes compared to this. As for the runtime, each episode is expected to have roughly the same length.

Black Mirror Season 6 will have 5 episodes:

  • Joan is Awful
  • Loch Henry
  • Beyond the Sea
  • Mazey Day
  • Demon 79

Is There a Black Mirror Season 6 Trailer Out Already?

Black Mirror Season 5 Episode 1 Anthony Mackie as Danny, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Karl playing video game laughing
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Credit: Netflix

Since production for Black Mirror Season 6 is ongoing, a trailer has not yet been released by Netflix. But based on past releases, Netflix usually releases a new trailer once a release date has become available.

This simply means you can expect a trailer to be available at least 4 months prior to Season 6's premiere date.

You can watch the trailer for Black Mirror Season 6 here:

The official trailer of Black Mirror Season 6 has been released. You can watch it here:

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