What Year Does My Hero Academia Take Place?

My Hero Academia has taken the anime industry by storm. Fans all over the world, although impressed by how the series was made with its interesting concept and characters, have noticed that the setting of the story is not the present time that we have now.

Fans have seen how the series have robots, moveable blocks, and even holograms. Another factor that made fans curious about the year the story took place is that it has been said that the first-ever Quirk bearer called the glowing baby was born some generations ago. If One For All now has nine wielders, what is the current year My Hero Academia is in?

What Year Does My Hero Academia Take Place?

What Year Does My Hero Academia Take Place? 1
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Unfortunately, we can’t definitely say what year it took place as the creator, Kohei Horikoshi, never mentioned anything about it. Based on One For All, there is a chance that All Might had it for 40 years, and he is the 8th user. This means that the said quirk must be 150 years old or more.

Fans have a theory that the glowing baby was born in the year 2050. After that, there is a chance that the quirks developed for five to ten years which means that All For One appeared by 2060. There was a scene where the doctor said that Midoriya was born on the fourth generation of quirks which could mean that he was born by 2170. There are also some opinions that the series happened around 2300 considering the technology introduced in the series.

Until My Hero Academia releases an official year, if it will matter in the plot anyway, there is no way of telling what year My Hero Academia actually took place. Fans can continue speculating and making their theories but by the end of the day, those will remain as opinions.

After all, the time might not be that important because the problems that happened in the series can happen in any era. Villains will always be there but My Hero Academia gave fans hope by making viewers realize that there will be heroes to save the day.

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