Is the Manga and the Anime the Same in My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midoriya who wanted to be the number one hero. The problem is, he was quirkless or powerless. His whole life changed when All Might, the top hero, chose him to be his successor. All Might shared his Quirk with Midoriya and enrolled him in the prestigious high school for heroes.

The manga was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump starting July 2014 and is still ongoing as of this writing. The anime was then developed after the popularity of the manga. Right now, the anime is airing its fifth season. Both mediums have received positive responses from audiences and reviewers. It also won several awards in 2019 and sold more than 50 million copies as of April 2021.


Is the Manga and the Anime the Same in My Hero Academia?

Is the Manga and the Anime the Same in My Hero Academia? 1
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The answer is a simple yes. The anime My Hero Academia is based on the manga of the same name. Despite having different mediums, both have the same story. They follow the story of Izuku Midoriya and his journey to be the greatest hero. With this, fans will get the same level of enjoyment. Whether it is reading the manga or watching the series.

Since the anime is a mirror of the manga, fans can expect that the pacing is the same. Of course, the manga is released first but the story progression is the same. It was not rushed or delayed.  But like any other anime adaptation, there are also a few differences between the two.

One is censorship. Since a lot of kids will be watching the anime, the gruesome and gory scenes were lessened. Fans who prefer to see those stuff might have enjoyed reading the manga rather than watching the anime. There are also some scenes when the anime has portrayed the big moments better than the manga.

This could be because the anime has a better schedule than the manga. In relation to this, the wait for the release for both mediums is not the same. The manga was released weekly while the anime airs two cours per year.

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