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What Type of Nen Does Killua Have in Hunter x Hunter?

What Type of Nen Does Killua Have?

Killua Zoldyck is one of the characters who ran away to become a Rookie Hunter after he passed the Hunter Exam. It has been emphasized that Killua is skilled, considering that he started training when he was young. What type of Nen does Killua have?

Hunter x Hunter created a world wherein Nen is used as a power system. It is can be used in one’s daily life or during battles.

Killua’s Nen type was further explained when he and Gon underwent Water Divination. It is a process in which the user uses Ren on a glass that has a leaf on top. What happens to the leaf tells the type of Nen a certain person has.

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What Type of Nen Does Killua Have?

Hunter x Hunter Killua Nen Type
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Killua is a transmuter. This means that he can change the shape and property of his aura. He was able to use two other Nen types, conjuration and enhancement through the training with Biscuit.

The most popular ability that he has mastered was the one wherein he combined different Nen abilities to alter his own aura to make it seem like electricity.

His peak abilities are Godspeed, in which he uses his electric aura to enhance speed and increase physical potential, Whirlwind which can make his moves automatic, and Speed of Lightning which gives him control over his body.

There are other abilities that Killua can do related to electricity. Some of these are Lightning Palm and Thunderbolt.

Killua’s progression in terms of his abilities was amazing. Even if he cannot generate huge amounts of aura like Gon, he has the best control of his aura.

It might be because of how Killua was raised by his family or he was just born a genius.

Killua’s mastery of his skill was rare for someone his age. After becoming a Hunter, Killua discovered more about himself and his abilities, which would mean that his growth potential could be more as he grows older.

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