What to Expect From Kaguya-Sama Season 3?

In October 2021, the trailer for Kaguya-Sama season 3 was released. The update included a new anime visual. The said teaser is 10 minutes long and adopts chapter 110 of the manga. For those who can remember, the manga is now at its final arc which means that there is a possibility that season 3 will be the last installment of the popular series.

According to its official Twitter account, season 3 will start airing in April 2022, making the series part of the Spring 2022 anime season. The series follows the interesting battle of wits between the student council president and vice president to see who will confess their feelings first.

What to Expect From Kaguya-Sama Season 3?

What to Expect From Kaguya-Sama Season 3?
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What to Expect From Kaguya-Sama Season 3?

Just a quick recap for those who missed season 2: the series showed how the love war intensified as some student council members took sides. Kaguya even decided to get close to Miyuki by befriending his sister Kei. Miyuki, on the other hand, impressed Kaguya by starting a new term as student council president. He also amazed her with his knowledge of astronomy.

While the first two seasons showed how Miyuki and Kaguya are as people (who are proud and eager to win), season 3 might add some spice to their love story. The side characters can add drama that will make the side story as well as the main story more interesting than before. There is also a chance that the love war will finally end although it is still unclear whether it will be a tie or the two of them will realize that the love war was petty all along.

There is also a chance that the two will finally give up their pride and become a couple, which they could have easily done in the first two seasons. Since the series is a romantic comedy, the events of season 3 will be unpredictable. Some fans believe that the war will continue in case the two decide to be a couple. They could battle which one will do the first move, the first person who will ask for a date, and so on. But for now, their current feud continues and the only way to find out how this will end is to stay tuned for season 3.

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