What is Vera Farmiga's Role in Hawkeye?

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The holiday vibes that the Hawkeye trailer gives off a lot of Christmas feels, even having Lucky, the dog, wear something for the season. Still, it did not fail to show how action-packed it would be and it introduced the key players in the show with Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop and the return of Jeremy Renner the titular character. Another new face in the teaser is Vera Farmiga. What is her role in the upcoming series?

What is Vera Farmiga's Role in Hawkeye?

In a brief moment in the trailer, we see Vera Farmiga dashing in red, holding champagne, seemingly making a toast with her sharp bob cut hair. Just seeing her for a second or two made people think she is one of the bad guys with the vibes she's giving off. Who could she be playing or will she be a villain fills the questions of people who saw the clip.


Well, she's an antagonist, for sure. Vera Farmiga plays the role of Eleanor Bishop, mom of Kate and estranged wife of Derek, the publishing magnate of Manhattan. In the comics, she died, or so everyone thought. It was revealed that she survived the mysterious death from her ski trip in Colorado and she worked with Madame Masque to take her husband down for being involved in her death.

Her comic book gives way to vampires as it was strongly implied in the print version of the character that she had been made to a vampire making her survive the mysterious death. Still, vampires wouldn't come into the MCU before 2023, about two years from now, but maybe they can tease their existence now, right? The introduction of Eleanor opens a door for vampires coming into the MCU a little sooner rather than later.

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Just looking at Eleanor will make you quiver of how villainous she might be. Vera Farmiga surely portrayed her really well having that impression with only a few seconds on screen. She is known for her roles in The Conjuring series, The Manchurian Candidate, Safe House, Bates Motel, and many more.

See Vera Farmiga play Eleanor Bishop in Hawkeye on November 24, 2021, only on Disney Plus.