What is Ahsoka and Anakin's History? The Most Tragic Master-Padawan Bond Explained

Ahsoka and Anakin's History
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Ahsoka and Anakin's History
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

If you haven't watched the animated Star Wars shows, Ahsoka and Anakin's history might seem like a blur. So, what is their relationship and how might it factor into Ahsoka?

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How Did Ahsoka and Anakin Meet?

How Did Ahsoka and Anakin Meet
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

During the Clone Wars animated movie (2008) Ahsoka is assigned to Anakin Skywalker as his padawan.

Anakin's superiors had deemed that having an apprentice would teach Anakin responsibility and help him let go of his past.

Interestingly, Ahsoka joined the Jedi Order before Anakin did. Remember that Anakin was taken in by Qui-Gon when he was nine -- an age deemed too old to train.

Most younglings were taken in as toddlers, while they were still too little to form strong memories or attachments with their biological families.

What Was Ahsoka and Anakin's Relationship Like?

What Was Ahsoka and Anakin's Relationship Like
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

At first, Ahsoka and Anakin's relationship is a bit rocky. She's a teenager and he's only a little older.

Ahsoka doesn't have the best attitude to begin with, and Anakin hadn't cared for an apprentice.

Despite that, they ultimately form a strong bond, grow together, and learn from each other.

They went on many adventures together and they always had each other's backs.

In many ways, their character arcs are parallel. During Clone Wars, both Anakin and Ahsoka are young, strong-willed Jedi in training who think beyond the rigid structures enforced by the Jedi Council.

Eventually, both are disillusioned and let down by the Order. Their different attitudes and choices make their mutual path fork, though.

Ahsoka chooses to leave the Jedi Order -- a huge blow for Anakin -- but she becomes a grey Jedi, if that, never abandoning her moral compass.

For his part, Anakin is deceived into joining the dark side, which forever severs his bond with Ahsoka.

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Does Ahsoka Ever See Anakin Again After Order 66?

Does Ahsoka Ever See Anakin Again
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Their brief reunion in Clone Wars Season 7 is the last time Ahsoka sees Anakin as himself. Later, in Rebels, she meets him under tragic circumstances. By then, he's Darth Vader through and through.

For years, Ahsoka had sensed something horrible had happened to her former master.

But it was only in Rebels Season 2 that her fears were confirmed when she came face to face with Darth Vader.

Her resolution to bring him back to the light or end him made fans believe that Ahsoka had died until her miraculous reappearance in Season 4 of Rebels.

As far as we know, Ashoka never sees Anakin again.

What Will Anakin's Role Be in the Ahsoka Show?

What Role Will Anakin Play in Ahsoka
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

By Ahsoka, Anakin is long-dead, as Return of the Jedi precedes the show chronologically.

However, with Hayden Christensen among Ahsoka's confirmed cast, fans knew from early on that he would return in some way.

Initially, we thought that Ahsoka might feature a flashback of her and Anakin when they were younger. We also considered the possibility of his appearance as a Force Ghost.

After renouncing the dark side and dying to save his son, Luke, Anakin becomes a Force Ghost, as the last scene of Return of the Jedi confirms.

But the end of Ahsoka Episode 4 reveals Ahsoka's former master, and he seems corporeal.

A fateful fall brings Ahsoka to the World Between Worlds where she's greeted by Anakin.

Currently, it's hard to tell what this means. Is the World Between Worlds a place for Force Ghosts to hang out? Or is Anakin's spirit corporeal in the mystical plane?

Stay tuned for Ahsoka's next episode where Ahsoka and Anakin will rekindle their relationship.

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