Ahsoka's Best Moments in Star Wars Before the TV Series

We're sure Ahsoka will be full of amazing, memorable Star Wars moments. But what are some of Ahsoka's Best Moments in Star Wars before the TV series?

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Ahsoka Saving the Kids in Clone Wars S3

    Ahsoka Tano's introduction in Clone Wars was a bit rocky at first. She was immature and many fans deemed her annoying, but she comes into her own fast, becoming a fan-favorite character and a great foil for Anakin.

    In Season 3, she's caught by Trandoshan hunters and taken to the planet Wasskah where several Jedi younglings have been imprisoned.

    Ahsoka teams up with three of them. While one of the children is killed, Ahsoka and the two surviving younglings team up with a young Chewbacca (!), whom Ahsoka sets free.

    Finally, Ahsoka manages to guide the younglings to safety. Later, she tells Anakin that his teaching helped her escape, showing how far she -- and their student-teacher relationship -- have come.

    Episodes: Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 22

  2. Ahsoka Vs Darth Maul

    Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order -- for good reason -- but returns to help during the Siege of Mandalore.

    As the only Jedi not bound by the council she's the only one available to duel the infamous Sith.

    Despite her youth, Ahsoka is able to defeat Darth Maul. But this is more than a badass scene.

    Darth Maul very nearly gives up important information such as Palpatine's identity and the fact that Anakin is destined for the dark side.

    But Ahsoka isn't able to entertain the prospect at that point, which gives the scene tragic dimensions.

    Episode: Episode 10 of Clone Wars Season 7

  3. Ahsoka's Return in Rebels S4

    It might not involve a showcase of her fighting and survival skills, but Ahsoka's return in Season 4 of Rebels is an extremely powerful scene -- especially since fans thought she was dead for two years.

    Dying at her former master's hand would have been an anticlimactic ending for such a cool character.

    Ezra getting into the Jedi temple and realizing that his purpose was to save her from such an end makes for a strong moment that combines relief with grief since Ezra cannot do the same for his own dead master.

    It is at this point that we understand Ahsoka's importance in the Force; she likely came back because she has a great destiny to fulfill.

    Before she goes, she reminds Ezra that he cannot save his master, just like she cannot save hers, urging her to move on and rely on his own strength.

    While heartbreaking, this is a turning point in Ezra's healing.

    Given her grief over Anakin's turn to the dark side, Ahsoka is the most appropriate person to teach Ezra just that.

    Episode: Rebels Season 4 Episode 13

  4. Ahsoka's Encounter With Her Former Master

    The best action scenes are those that combine action with emotional intensity. Ahsoka's battle against Darth Vader is such a scene.

    In the finale of Rebels Season 2 Ahsoka's fears are finally confirmed as she finally comes face-to-face with what her master has become.

    At that point, Ahsoka foregoes a chance to escape to safety, for the slim hope of reminding Anakin what he used to be, or else killing him and preventing him from causing more harm.

    To make matters more intense, it was only two years later that fans found Ahsoka had survived the battle.

    Episode: Rebels Season 2 Finale

  5. Ahsoka Leaving the Jedi Order

    As her encounter with Darth Vader and her actions during Order 66 testify, Ahsoka is fiercely loyal, but she also knows what she's worth. It's a moving and satisfying moment when she leaves the Jedi who failed to stand by her.

    In Season 5 of Clone Wars, Ahsoka is scapegoated as a suspect in a terrorist attack.

    While Anakin and most of the Jedi believe in her, the Jedi Council allows for her to be taken into custody and stand trial.

    When Anakin proves her innocence, the Council invites her back without so much as an apology, despite having allowed her to be put at risk for execution.

    This leads her to become completely disillusioned with the order and seek her own path.

    Her final scene with Anakin is quite heartbreaking.

    Episode: Clone Wars Season 5 Episode 20

  6. Ahsoka Standing By the Clones in S7

    Order 66 is the brutal culmination of a plan that was built up for seven seasons and it's great to see it from Ahsoka's viewpoint in Clone Wars Season 7.

    Her attempts to save Rex from the micro-chip that forces clones to turn against their Jedi allies make for a very tense sequence.

    Moreover, it's really moving that, despite her high kill count, Ahsoka refuses to kill any clones, despite being unable to save them all.

  7. Ahsoka's Cameo in The Mandalorian

    Ahsoka's cameo is one of the strongest elements of The Mandalorian Season 2. Not only is her action sequence great, but her care for Grogu is also amazing to witness.

    Since she's no longer a Jedi, Ahsoka refuses to train Grogu, but she's the first person to commune with him via the Force and find out his name, making her a key character in the child's development.

    Episode: The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5

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