22 Apr 2021 2:23 PM +00:00

What If...?: Chris Evans' Steve Rogers Becomes Spider-Man in Amazing Image

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios' upcoming animated series What If...? opens up the door to the multiverse and there's no secret that the project will be home to a lot of interesting "what if" scenarios taking place outside of Earth-616. Now, you may be thinking that the project is just there to be filler but it's looking more and more evident that the show will have serious ramifications on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We reported earlier this week that an alleged Lego figure leak for the show suggests that Chris Evans may actually return to the MCU to do voice work for the series. But there's a major catch and staying true to the show's concept, the Captain America actor won't be playing the star-spangled man in the series but instead, another familiar Marvel superhero.

Naturally, the rumored figure leak spread like wildfire all over social media but long before the rumors even circulated online, the idea of Evans becoming Spidey already got the attention of renowned Australian digital artist BossLogic who previously unveiled an "amazing" artwork depicting Steve Rogers as our friendly neighborhood web-slinger. Check it out here:

The idea of Evans being cast in his third Marvel role sounds intriguing, to say the least, but if you've been following his career very closely, you would know that he's expressed his interest in playing Spider-Man on several occasions and he's actually quite serious about it. In the alternate worlds of the Marvel comics, Steve doesn't actually become Spidey so it's safe to assume that if he indeed ends up doing a What If...? episode, it could just be Marvel Studios' way of rewarding Chris for all his years of work in the franchise.

The official release date for Marvel Studios' What If...? has yet to be announced.

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