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What If...? Poster Seems to Tease Jaw-Dropping Return of Ex-MCU Actor

Credit: Marvel Studios

If it wasn't obvious enough, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently in its exploration stage for its fourth phase with WandaVision pretty much establishing the fact that the franchise is set to dive into the wondrous and intriguing multiverse. The trend will carry over to other projects like Loki, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the MCU's first-ever animated series What If...?.

What If...? is a ten-episode animated series that is set to explore different scenarios in the franchise all set within the Marvel multiverse. We've already seen the first official teaser for the show last year and judging by the stuff we saw, it's going to be something fresh. Now, ahead of its premiere later this year, the official poster for the series has apparently surfaced online. Twitter user @AnneComics shared the image on her account.

Interestingly, it features characters like The Watcher, Doctor Strange, Thor, Gamora, Erik Killmonger, Peggy Carter, Star-Lord (T'Challa), and Black Widow who are collectively dubbed as the "Guardians of the Multiverse". Now, this may be a stretch but could this mean that Scarlett Johansson could potentially be making her way back to the MCU soon?

Despite the fact that it's being presented in an animated format, What If...? is still considered canon to the MCU and could totally play a huge factor in shaping up the multiverse which has already been teased previously. And who knows, the show could also end up crossing over to live-action somewhere down the line and I bet that will be huge.

What If...? hits Disney+ this year.

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