20 Apr 2021 3:40 PM +00:00

Marvel Lego Leak Potentially Spoils Interesting What If...? Story for Steve Rogers

Credit: Marvel Studios

It can't be denied that Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been riding the wave of momentum since officially kicking off early this year thanks to the success of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and if it wasn't obvious enough, we're currently in the experimental and exploration stage of the franchise.

What If...? series that will be released soon, and interestingly, it includes Steve Rogers as Spider-Man. Check out the rumored listing here:

Scarlet Witch
White Vision
Monica Rambeau
Captain America (Sam Wilson)
Bucky Barnes
Loki (with Throg)
Lady Loki
Captain Britain (Peggy Carter)
Zombie Captain America
Star-Lord (T'Challa)
Spider-Man (Steve Rogers)
Thanos (Gamora)

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet but should Steve Rogers actually end up appearing in his own What If...? episode, it's safe to assume that it will also mark the return of Chris Evans to the MCU to voice the character. Now, the idea of Rogers becoming Spider-Man instead of Captain America sounds so intriguing and the real question is, how exactly did he end up being in that position?

The official release date for What If...? has yet to be announced.

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