What Does Deku’s Blackwhip Quirk Ability Do in My Hero Academia Explained

In My Hero Academia, fans have witnessed the many abilities of Deku. After inheriting One For All from All Might, he was able to master the abilities that the quirk can do like Danger Sense, Smokescreen, and Float, among others.

He also showed some of his super moves like Detroit Smash, Delaware Smash, and One For All: Full Crow. Fans of the series who were there with Deku in his journey cannot deny that they have their own set of preferred abilities. One of the well-loved abilities of Deku is the Blackwhip.

What Does Deku’s Blackwhip Quirk Ability Do in My Hero Academia Explained

 What Does Deku’s Blackwhip Quirk Ability Do in My Hero Academia Explained 1
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As mentioned earlier, One For All is passed down from one user to another. Every hero who inherited One For All had a special quirk ability. One of those is the Blackwhip. This ability was used by Daigoro Banjo.

By using Blackwhip, the user can produce black energy tendrils and control these. The tendrils can appear in any part of the user’s body. It is powered by the emotions of the user, most of the time, anger. So the angrier the user, the stronger the quirk is.

Deku proved this during the Paranormal Liberation War when he was able to increase the power of Blackwhip through his anger towards Tomura Shigaraki. He was able to restrain Shigaraki successfully.

According to Daigoro, Blackwhip is a top-grade Quirk that can be used to capture enemies. It also has the ability to grab onto objects. However, users must be aware that in the event that they are not in full control of their emotions, they might not be able to control Blackwhip as well.

Since Blackwhip evolved in One For All, it has become more powerful than during the time when Daigoro was using it. The first time Deku used it, the ability appeared from his arm. It gave him a lot of pain and since he cannot control it, he was forced into submission.

Eventually, Deku was able to understand how Blackwhip works and developed super moves to use it like Froppy Style (in which Deku releases a tendril from his mouth), Pinpoint Focus (wherein Deku uses his arm to shoot a tendril while focusing on one point), Faux 100 Percent (in which Deku combines 45% One For All, Blackwhip, and Fa Jin), and Faux 100 Percent: Manchester Smash (wherein Deku improves the Faux to 100 Percent and releases it using a Manchester Smash).

There is a chance that Deku can still add more moves with this ability. For now, fans are wondering if there will be a season 6 for the series. Here is what we know. 

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