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Wednesday Dethroned For the Second Time on Netflix By Another Series

Wednesday made an impressive feat of beating Stranger Things Season 4 and Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story upon passing 400 million viewership hours in a week, and eventually earned 1.19 billion viewership hours within less than a month of its release. However, nothing lasts forever, as two newly released series on Netflix beat the Addams Family series within a week.

According to Netflix’s Global Top 10 Most-Watched Shows for the week, Ginny and Georgia Season 2 tops Wednesday with 180 million viewership hours, with the latter only garnering 81.3 million. Previously, Wednesday had been knocked off its reign on the streaming site once Kaleidoscope came into the picture. Kaleidoscope is now ranked No. 2 due to its 112 million hours of viewership on the chart.

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Given that Ginny and Georgia Season 1 was first released back in early 2021, it is only natural for the show’s fans to have long been anticipating the show’s return. Ginny and Georgia follows the misadventures of the mother and daughter duo in which they move on to a new home in Wellsbury to start a new life together.

If you think about it, the show has similar elements to Wednesday: a murder mystery behind-the-scenes, and a mother-daughter rooted conflict. Meanwhile, Wednesday Season 2 renewal has been confirmed to be on its way, in spite of the initial controversy that Prime Video would be taking in the hit series under their wing.

However, that rumor was put to rest once Netflix released an announcement confirming that Wednesday Season 2 is coming soon on the streaming site, check out the exciting announcement below:

For now, The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, and all episodes of Wednesday Season 1 are available to stream on Netflix. Stay tuned on EpicStream for more updates on Wednesday Season 2!

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