Jang Sung Rak Cause of Death Tragic: Sudden Passing of South Korean Webtoon Artist Sparks Concerns in Webtoon Community

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Jang Sung Rak’s sudden and tragic death caused fans to feel worried about the conditions of artists and workers in the webtoon industry.

Since 2018, Solo Leveling has received life because of Jang Sung Rak, known as Dubu, and his illustrations. He served as the webtoon’s illustrator.


Unfortunately, it lost him after his sudden death last month. With the heartbreaking incident, fans became more worried about the working conditions in the industry.

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Jang Sung Rak’s Death Should Be a Reminder, Per Fans

The Webtoon Association recently released an update (via The Korea Times) addressing Jang Sung Rak’s death. The organization said that it was already time to address the issues in the industry already and properly as it could cause serious and chronic issues among artists.

"While the causes of the late artist's death may be attributed to multiple other factors … we can clearly see that he was subject to physically demanding working conditions," the association said.

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It added that it conducted interviews with several webtoon artists and found out that over 90 percent of the respondents felt burdened with the number of frames they need to produce each week which is around 60 to 70 per episode.


Jang Sung Rak’s Solo Leveling has 70 to 80 frames on average. However, sometimes, some episodes are near 100.

The organization also spoke about the growing demand in the webtoon industry that makes the artists’ workloads more exhausting and overwhelming. As for their “personal problem,” it urged the artists to have dialogues to find an effective solution.

Jang Sung Rak’s Cause of Death

The Webtoon Association’s statement came weeks after Jang Sung Rak died.

The artist, who served as the CEO of Redice Studio, passed away on July 23. The company confirmed the news through its official Twitter account, disclosing that Jang Sung Rak’s cause of death was due to cerebral haemorrhage while suffering from a chronic illness.

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the condition occurs when the blood that supposes to carry blood to and from the brain damage brain tissue instead. Extra blood in the organ may increase pressure and result in further damage.

Jang Sung Rak’s fans still mourn over his death as of press time.


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