Park Eun Bin Fan Meeting 2022: Extraordinary Attorney Woo Star To Meet Fans in 1st Meet-and-Greet

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Park Eun Bin will finally give her fans a chance to meet her in her first-ever meet-and-greet.

Amid the rising popularity of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park Eun Bin has been garnering attention, as well, due to her character, Woo Young Woo. The drama’s attorney has autism spectrum disorder but is good enough to work at a large law firm.

As the drama continues to score people’s hearts, Park Eun Bin will personally greet them through her upcoming meet-and-greet event.

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Park Eun Bin To Have 1st Fan Meeting

Park Eun Bin’s agency, Namoo Actors, announced on Monday that the Extraordinary Attorney Woo star would have her first meet-and-greet next month.

Per Korea JoongAng Daily, the meet-and-greet event, titled Eunbin Note: Blank Space, will happen at the auditorium on Sungshin Women's University’s Woonjung Green Campus in Gangbuk District, northern Seoul, on September 3.

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“This will be her first solo fan meeting since debut and even with her busy schedule, she is working hard to organize and plan various activities for the event,” Namoo Actors said, per Star MT.

Fans who wish to see Park Eun Bin live may avail of tickets starting August 12 through Interpark.

Park Eun Bin Talks About Woo Young Woo

Ahead of her fan meeting, Park Eun Bin sat for an interview with TV Guide and revealed that she initially turned down the role. According to the actress, her hesitancy happened because of Woo Young Woo’s autism.

"I had to think about this being a drama, so there would be some media influence. I did not want to make a bad impact on the ASD (autism spectrum disorder) community,” she said.

Park Eun Bin also said that her main concern about playing the character includes her thoughts she could not have stereotypes or prejudices in the project and not make anyone feel offended or hurt.

To make it happen, she reportedly chose not to meet real-life people with autism. Instead, she made Woo Young Woo exist in her own way and have the characteristics she personally built.

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