BTS J-Hope Shock: K-pop Idol Lost 5 kgs After Starting Solo Career

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS J-Hope impressed fans by becoming the first member to mark his solo debut.

After BTS revealed their future as a group during the FESTA dinner, J-Hope released his first solo album. He also made a record when he joined the Lollapalooza Festival as a headliner artist.

Following the release of Jack in the Box last month, the K-pop idol disclosed that he lost 5 kilograms while preparing for his solo activities.

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BTS J-Hope Loses Weight

J-Hope appeared on the August 8 episode of SBS POWER FM’s Love Game. During his appearance, he revealed that he felt too stressed and pressured that he lost 5 kilograms of his weight.

"I put everything that I wanted to show into the songs that I made for my recent solo album. Then, I had to promote these songs in ways that I planned to. I was worried if I could pull it off well,” he said, via SBS News. "I have to get every single thing done by myself; that's just the way I am. I make my life difficult.", then he laughingly added, "I'm a coward, that's why. I'm a complete coward."

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As of press time, he still weighs the same but assured the fans that he is trying to eat more. However, he also disclosed that he is finding it hard to consume all the foods.

In addition, he particularly started feeling weaker, prompting himself to eat more.

BTS J-Hope Receives Heartfelt Support From Members

As the first member to go solo, the Chicken Noodle Soup hitmaker said that his co-members offered positive responses regarding his solo songs.

He detailed that he always monitored his songs before releasing them. Meanwhile, although Suga did not listen to them before dropping the album, he assured him that he would give him feedback once they came out.

“I felt so thankful for that. SUGA was the only one who didn't listen to them then. He was like, 'I'll listen to them once they come out, so that I could give you feedback on the songs in the point of view from the public.' I've been doing music with RM for years since when we were both little. And he told me that he was proud to see that I'm doing this sort of music,” he continued.

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