NCT Mark Suffers Criticism Over Tone-Deaf Action After Missing Scheduled Fanmeeting

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

NCT Mark disappointed his fans with his recent move.

Three members of NCT 127 missed the NCTzen 127-JAPAN Meeting 2022 ‘School 127 at the Saitama Super Arena after testing positive for COVID-19. Mark, Jaehyun, and Johnny underwent PCR tests but all of them contracted the virus.

As a result, six members of the group — Taeil, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jungwoo, and Haechan — pushed through with them.

However, Mark stirred criticism because of his tone-deaf action.

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NCT Mark in Hot Water After Missing Fan Meeting

Fans accepted that the three members needed to take a rest in order to recover from the dreaded disease. However, they were left surprised by the unexpected comments made by Mark.

On Bubble (via AllKpop), the NCT 127 member shared unbelievable messages as his co-members held their fan meeting.

The idol said that he was sad because it was raining and could not play basketball. He also disclosed that he recovered from COVID-19 and tested negative for the virus.

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Mark also expressed his desire to hold an Instagram Live to celebrate his birthday. However, he wanted to do so at 7:00 p.m. — the same schedule as the fan meeting. Fortunately, his manager told him to wait since the group’s event was still ongoing.

Soon after the fan meeting was finished, he logged on to his social media account but received backlash instead for being inconsiderate toward Japanese fans. As a result, they showed their disappointment and anger since he was sad because he could not play basketball rather than feeling down because he missed the fan meeting.

In the end, Mark learned about the fans’ outrage and apologized for his action.

NCT Mark Faced a Similar Issue Last Year

Previously, Mark — along with Doyoung and Johnny — came under fire for their reactions to an earthquake alert.

In December, NCT held a live broadcast titled NCT Universe Countdown Live on YouTube. Amid the event, they received an emergency alert warning of a magnitude 4.9 earthquake off the coast of Jeju Island.

They initially thought it was a COVID-19 alert. But when the staff informed them that an earthquake happened, the three idols sang and danced to their song, Earthquake.

They received backlash at that time and ended up sending personal apology letters through their Instagram accounts.

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