What Weapons Do They Use in Vinland Saga?

What Weapons Do They Use in Vinland Saga? Thorfinn
Credit: Wit Studio

What Weapons Do They Use in Vinland Saga? Thorfinn
Credit: Wit Studio

Vinland Saga is the ideal historical anime for any Viking fan, thanks to its ax-swinging action and bloody, philosophical story. Even the anime characters in the series have become iconic as a result of their personal agendas and weapons of choice. As a Viking anime, what weapons do the characters use in Vinland Saga?

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  1. Askeladd’s Viking Ship Looks Like a Dragon

    Have you ever seen a Viking ship emerge from the mountains? If you haven't seen Askeladd and his merry band plowing through trees and mountaintops in the Vinland Saga, then you should see it in action!

    It only goes to show that a Viking ship can be used not only on the high seas but also on land.

    However, you must have the same battle intelligence as Askeladd to accomplish this historic feat.

    A Viking anime like the Vinland Saga would be incomplete without a Viking ship.

    The Viking ship owned by Askeladd and his mercenary group stands out among the others e due to its stunning and intimidating build.

  2. Thorfinn’s Dual Knives

    Thorfinn, the small but terrifying assassin, kills his victims with two knives. He has a sentimental attachment to one of his knives because it belonged to his late father, Thors.

    Thorfinn's speed and reflexes make a dual dagger the ideal weapon for someone like him, who specializes in targeting his opponent's vital organs.

    Most of the time, Thorfinn avoids clashing with his opponent's blades due to his small stature, knowing full well that his Viking knives would be insufficient to protect himself.

    Thorfinn developed a fighting style that emphasizes his speed over his strength in order to maximize his potential when using his preferred weapon.

    Because of his accuracy and keen eyes, Thorfinn also has no problem throwing these knives at his opponents.

  3. Thorkell’s Battle Axes

    Since the 11th century, warriors, particularly Vikings, have relied on battle axes. It comes in all shapes and sizes, but most wielders prefer it large to complement their muscular build and intimidating aura on the battlefield.

    Thorkell's battle axes complement his skills and abilities in battle due to his towering height and massive build.

    It somehow amplifies his intimidating aura, scaring opponents away as if they were one step closer to their graveyard.

    Thorkell can behead many of his opponents with a single swing. His battle axes have witnessed many deaths, whether they were necessary or not, and have caused many men to flee in fear.

    Imagine facing Thorkell with his battle axes on the battlefield. Will you continue to fight, or will you flee and hide?

    One thing is certain: Thorkell will come for you at any time of day or night.

  4. Hild’s Cross Bow

    Hild's crossbow is a fan favorite and one of the most unique weapons in the Vinland Saga! It is unlike any other bow and arrow used by archers, as she has used it to hunt down her enemies, like Thorfinn, to the ends of the earth.

    In addition, Hild's crossbow is even more dangerous because she uses poison in her lethal arrows.

    Worse, Hild creates her own poison, which is why she is also the only person on the face of the earth with the antidote.

    Hild is well-versed in battlefield terrain because she is primarily a hunter rather than a warrior.

    She uses it to her advantage, along with her crossbow knowledge and skills, much like a predator watches his prey.

  5. Garm’s Spear

    We all know what a spear looks like, but in Vinland Saga, Garm’s customized spear can surprise his opponents and be the death of them.

    Unlike ordinary spears, Garm's can split into two, with sharp blades on each end.

    The spear is like an extension of his body. His skill with his custom-made spear is unrivaled, and he's the only one who knows how to use it efficiently and lethally.

    Garm also keeps his spear with him at all times, hoping to meet a worthy and exciting opponent who will finally take his last breath.

  6. Thors Is a Human Weapon

    If Attack on Titan has Levi Ackerman, Vinland Saga has Thors Snorresson. He is a human weapon capable of eradicating hundreds of troops all by himself, which is why his life is worth more than a hundred warriors.

    His physical strength and combat expertise, combined with his intelligence, are the formula that keeps him going on the battlefield.

    Thors can survive on his own, even if he doesn't have any weapons!

    It's unfortunate that he dies early, but his impact on Thorfinn and the people who knew him keeps him alive as the plot unfolds.

  7. Bjorn’s Berserker Mushroom

    The Berserker mushroom functions similarly to any temporary power-up in a video game.

    If Vinland Saga were a Super Mario game, Bjorn would be Mario and/or Luigi whenever he gets a buff, except Bjorn is far more violent.

    When Bjorn consumes the berserker mushroom, he enters a frenzied and wild state that allows him to slaughter both opponents and comrades.

    But, with Askeladd's help, Bjorn can at least control his aggressive behavior if he so desires.

  8. Halfdan’s Iron Chain

    Halfdan's ruthless attitude toward his slaves is appropriate for his preferred weapon, the iron chain. He carries it around to demonstrate his superiority to those beneath him, including Thors and his family in Iceland.

    Halfdan's command and expertise of the iron chain, like Garm's, give the impression that it is also a natural part of his body.

    He can swing it however he wants, either wrapping it around someone's head or lashing it around to injure anyone who acts in an unsavory manner toward him.

    Even though Halfdan's iron chain is a long-range weapon, closing the distance with him in battle is extremely difficult.

    Anyone can become entangled in Halfdan's iron chain with one wrong move!

  9. Snake’s Curved Sword

    Makoto Yukimura designed a number of swords in the Vinland Saga, but one, in particular, stands out due to its curved blade. As a result, fans have shared numerous theories about Snake's old days online.

    Snake's curved sword, according to fans, is reminiscent of the Byzantine Paramerion, which a Varangian guard commonly uses.

    If this is correct, it explains Snake's combat skills as well as his ability to read Greek.

    Others believe Snake's curved sword is similar to the Shamshir, a Persian and/or Iranian sword used during the 11th century, based solely on the design.

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