WB Reportedly Upset with How Robert Pattinson's The Batman Turned Out

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Let's face it, Robert Pattinson isn't the ideal caped crusader by comic book standards but after seeing a glimpse of what his version of the Dark Knight brings to the table in the first official trailer for Matt Reeves' The Batman, a lot of fans slowly warmed up to his dark and gritty portrayal of the character and the future certainly looks promising for the Twilight actor.

Filming for the highly anticipated DC flick wrapped up last March and it's safe to assume that Matt Reeves and his crew are already in the post-production stages. And while the project is far from completion, some people have apparently seen a portion of the film, and according to Reddit leaker SpideyForever245's latest scoop, the film is already earning praises.

However, Warner Bros. doesn't seem to be all that impressed with how everything turned out and as per the leaker, the studio is rumored to be upset with the film. While the exact reason for WB's alleged unhappiness over the film wasn't disclosed, current plans call for another delay which means that The Batman could once again potentially lose its current March 2022 release date.

Given WB's history of meddling with its DC film franchise which dates back to 1995's Batman Forever, it wouldn't be so shocking if the studio actually went out of its way and decided to delay the film with the possibility of even ordering reshoots for it. I gotta say though, WB's over-involvement in the DC universe did the franchise zero favors and more often than not, the studio is at fault for its DC films not being on par with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Batman is scheduled for release on March 4, 2022.

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