The Batman 2021 Update: DC Set to Have Multiple Batmen as It Doubles Down on Its Multiverse Premise

Fans are truly clamoring for another The Batman 2021 update as people are looking forward to Robert Pattinson in the Caped Crusader role. Aside from Pattinson, two more actors are set to return as Batman in DC's upcoming movies. Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck are both reportedly set to reprise their roles in The Flash film.

The Batman 2021 Update: Who Are DC's Batmen?

After the release of Wonder Woman 1984 to COVID-safe cinemas and HBO Max, Warner Bros. immediately announced their plans for the future of DC films and its streaming service. In an interview with the New York Times, DC Films' President Walter Hamada revealed the company's plans for the future of DC. One of the main plans is to release four films a year and another two films on HBO Max. The most expensive films will be released in the cinemas.

Based on The Batman 2021 update that fans got from Hamada's interview, it was revealed that through the multiverse, there will be two Batman sagas. Pattinson has his own The Batman franchise. Pattinson's The Batman is directed by Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director, Matt Reeves. Reeves and Pattinson's Batman will take place on Earth-2, which is separate from Earth-1 of the regular DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

The second Batman will be on Earth-1 with Affleck and Keaton reprising their roles in The Flash. Affleck is rumored to be leaving the DCEU but there are no confirmations that the actor may not play the role in future reiterations or films.
Readers of the original article were confused about Hamada's statement about two cinematic Batmen. In the article, it was stated that Pattinson will have his own Bruce Wayne franchise on its parallel Earth, while another Caped Crusader will be part of the DCEU ensemble movies, similar to Justice League where characters come together. At first, it wasn't clear who was the other Caped Crusader. The author of the article, Brooks Barnes, replied on Twitter stating that the other Batman would be Keaton. This led to fans getting excited about a possible Batman Beyond storyline.

Unfortunately, Barnes made another tweet clarifying his previous answer. He clarified that his previous tweet is about Keaton reprising his role on The Flash. He further added that he had no additional information on Keaton's further participation in DC other than The Flash. This means that it is not confirmed that Keaton will have his own Batman films.

Check out the tweets:

What is DC's Multiverse?

The report on two Batman franchises is more like Hamada's way of explaining that DC will take on the multiverse angle which will allow DC to have two of the same characters at the same time. The fact that Pattinson, Keaton, and Affleck will be playing the role of Batman at very close proximity would mean that DC Films will be doubling down on the multiverse angle. In DC, the multiverse is a cosmic construct with many fictional universes. This is why there are such things as Earth-1 and Earth-2. This type of premise would allow DC to have two or more Batmen at the same time. If they want, they can even have two Wonderwomen and an infinite number of Supermen.

It will be a big feat to achieve the multiverse plans as it may get confusing for general audiences over a decade ago. However, Hamada trusts that modern audiences are sophisticated enough to understand the multiverse angle.

Reeves and Pattinson's The Batman will be released on March 4, 2022.

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