WandaVision's Paul Bettany Finally Confirms Theory Surrounding Mystery Cameo for Finale

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Credit: Marvel Studios

A lot of intrigue surrounds WandaVision's huge surprise cameo which actress Elizabeth Olsen even describes as something that is on par with Luke Skywalker's goosebumps-inducing appearance in The Mandalorian. The excitement was amplified even more when Paul Bettany declared that the said mystery character is played by an actor that he's never worked with.

Bettany's claims have naturally spawned several fan theories regarding the character's true identity. And taking into consideration the fact that the Vision actor has seemingly worked with every major hero in the MCU, with the exception of a few notable characters, a lot of people instantly assumed that a non-MCU character, possibly a mutant from Fox's X-Men franchise

Now, the British actor is breaking his silence and finally revealed which actor he is referring to. As previously speculated, we can confirm that Bettany was in fact just trolling about the secret cameo as he was actually talking about himself. In Episode 8, we got our first look at Vision's "clone" aka White Vision who is also played by Bettany himself.

In a new interview with Good Morning America, Paul confirmed that he was just messing with fans about the said cameo. He reveals: "Yeah, you know when you think something's gonna be funny, and you say it, and then you actually panic about it?"

"[That's] what I did because fans started guessing who it might be, and they were guessing people like Benedict Cumberbatch or Patrick Stewart, and I was thinking, 'God, that's a good idea' and they're gonna be so disappointed when they find out it's me," he added.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Well, safe to say a lot of people were deceived by the actor's impeccable British humor. Still, I'm sure that the actual cameo they have been promising us will blow us all away. I already have a hunch as to who it may actually be but I'll just keep it to myself until I see the finale episode. Tomorrow is going to be super exciting.

WandaVision's finale episode will premiere this Friday on Disney+.

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