15 Jan 2021 9:06 AM +00:00 UTC

WandaVision's Episode 1 Hints that [SPOILERS] Has Control Over Wanda's New Reality

Credit: Marvel Studios

Warning: if you haven't seen the debut episode of WandaVision, this article contains major spoilers so read at your own risk!

We endured the agony of not having to see a single content from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for close to two years but now, Phase 4 has finally arrived! WandaVision is here for Marvel fans to relish and after seeing the first two episodes myself, I can definitely say that it's the weirdest yet most endearing project Marvel Studios has ever done.

The series is pretty straightforward and was presented exactly the way it was initially advertised, as a massive love letter to American sitcom. Kicking off in the 1950s, the show has yet to offer a clear explanation with regard to how Wanda and Vision ended up in that world. Episode 1 had no traces of the events that took place after Avengers: Endgame but it's safe to assume that Maximoff is responsible for this new reality.

The entire episode was fun and wacky overall but it's during the closing moments where the complexity surrounding Maximoff and Vision's new "home" is starting to unfold. Although Wanda may have been responsible for creating her own ideal reality. WandaVision's debut episode may have hinted that someone else has control over the things that are happening in Westview.

The finale sequence of Episode 1 features a mysterious lady who appears to be working for SWORD and she's watching Wanda and Vision's "sitcom" from an advanced television screen with her notepad and remote control in hand. It wasn't exactly revealed who that person was but some fans are speculating that it might be Darcy Lewis but it's really a little too early to tell.

I don't want to sound like I'm pandering too much to the Marvel fandom but I genuinely adored the first two episodes of WandaVision and I now get why critics who've already seen the MCU spinoff show have all been raving about it for days now. It's already gotten me so invested right off the bat in its comedic feel that has little touches of mystery and eerieness in between. This new formula from Marvel Studios shouldn't work for several reasons but somehow, it does. It was simply delightful! I just wish the episodes were a bit longer.

WandaVision is now streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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