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WandaVision's Controversial Ralph Twist Will Reportedly Be Resolved in [SPOILERS]

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel fans were left stunned when WandaVision's grand finale revealed the truth about the identity of Evan Peters' character and I don't mean that in a good way. In the series, Evan was cast in the role of fake Pietro Maximoff and a lot of people were convinced that he's playing the same character from the now-defunct Fox X-Men franchise.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

As it turns out, Agatha was responsible for turning him into "Fietro" and in Episode 9, it was revealed that he's actually a Westview local named Ralph Bohner, the same "Ralph" Agnes has been intriguingly mentioning since the very first episode.

The shocking twist to Evan's character felt anticlimactic to a lot of viewers but there's still hope for the character who is rumored to make his MCU return next year. According to the good folks over at Geekosity, Evan is slated to reprise his role as "Ralph" in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness where it would be revealed that he's the witness protection guy Jimmy Woo was talking about.

Moreover, his involvement in the upcoming MCU project will reportedly lead to the revelation that he's in fact Peter Maximoff from the Foxverse and that "Ralph Bohner" was just a made-up name he used in Westview so someone like Agatha won't be suspicious. Of course, take this rumor with a huge grain of salt but since we're dealing with the multiverse here, you best believe that anything is possible.

If you paid close attention to the finale, "Ralph" was wearing some sort of mind control necklace presumably given to her by Agatha and it begs the question: why did she choose him out of all the people in Westview? Something tells me Agnes actually knows more about "Ralph" that she refuses to tell. I'm still convinced that Peters will be sticking around in the MCU and the entire Ralph thing was just another one of those "troll jobs" Marvel is quite good at.

WandaVision's grand finale is now streaming on Disney+.

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