WandaVision: 'Verified' Leak Suggests MCU Debut of [SPOILERS]

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Warning: this news contains POSSIBLE SPOILERS about WandaVision's last two episodes. Read at your own risk!

WandaVision fans are seemingly too caught up with the entire Agatha Harkness situation and understandably so but they seem to forget another story arc that has also been brewing for a number of episodes now. I'm talking about Marvel Cinematic Universe newcomer and S.W.O.R.D.'s acting director Tyler Hayward and his true intentions regarding a particular character.

Hayward was first introduced to us in Episode 4 and right off the bat, the character displayed quite the shady behavior and as the series progressed, it was getting more and more evident that the character may be up to no good.

In fact, Episode 6 confirmed that he's been tracking Vision's activity inside the hex all this time, with a lot of viewers assuming that Hayward is after Vision's corpse for an experiment that could potentially turn the synthezoid into a sentient weapon, although that theory has yet to be verified.

Now, a new leak for the upcoming episode of the hit Disney+ series is making the rounds all over the internet. According to Reddit user BrineDude_Gaming, the series will mark the MCU debut of the White Vision. In the comics, White Vision first appeared in West Coast Avengers # 45.

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Credit: Marvel

The original Vision actually died and was resurrected by Hank Pym aka Ant-Man but he returned as an all-white synthezoid that doesn't carry emotions, unlike his previous version. This theory makes a lot of sense when you think about it and this could also play a major factor in Wanda unleashing chaos and madness onto the world.

Wandavision leaks (Don't read if you don't want heavy spoilers)

It doesn't exactly specify when it takes place but considering we only have two episodes left, it's safe to assume that we could see it go down as early as Episode 8. Interestingly, the leak suggests that there will be two Visions instead of one. Could this mean that the other would end up becoming a villain himself? When you think about it, that was Ultron's plan all along until the original Vision came to realize that he should fight for good. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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