WandaVision Star Responds To Rumored Cameo In Agatha's Spinoff

As Marvel’s Phase 4 is coming to an end, Marvel Studios has quite a lineup of shows and movies arriving for Phase 5 transition. One of those projects in the works is Agatha: Coven of Harkness, a WandaVision spinoff with Kathryn Hahn to reprise her role.

In the prior series, Agatha (played by Kathryn Hahn) was believed to be the ‘good, friendly neighbor’ in Wanda’s fantasy realm, who, in the end, turned out to be Agatha Harkness, the villain of the story. This spinoff will continue her own show, which is rumored to be a ‘dark comedy’ on Disney+. It makes sense that WandaVision head writer Jac Schaeffer is also set to write its spinoff, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, with expectations of its premiere in late 2023.

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While the spinoff is set to explore Agatha’s character, it cannot be denied there's anticipation for Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch to be there, too. Lizzie addresses the rumor when asked by ET Online on her views about making cameo appearances in the near future.

As of now, she hasn’t been approached to make any guest appearances, but expresses how much she would love to work with her co-star again.

“I mean, no, but I would love to pop up. I love Kathryn, I don’t want to leave her side ever, I’m so grateful she’s here tonight. We do think, ‘Gosh, we just gotta do it again!’ We just had a really great time making that show, and with Paul, it was really a special time, so we would love to get the gang back.”

While there are no news updates on Lizzie yet on reprising her role with Kathryn in the spinoff, Emma Caulfield Ford, who played Dottie in WandaVision, confirmed she will be returning in Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

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